Is This What Heaven Looks Like?

Image source and photographer unknown.

Such multitude of bottoms imagery is obviously a recurring thematic icon throughout the history of spankosexualism, as evidenced by the classic photo below from Clare Fonda’s continuing epic: Exclusive Education, Part 3, from Girl Spanks Girl.

[Translation: It’s just freakin’ hot.]

The Art of Fine Ass Photography

A masterful image by award-winning photographer Rodrigo Nunez…

And below, luscious fine ass…errm….fine ART photography, rather, by acclaimed photographer Petter Hegre. I have a few more amazing bottom-oriented fine art images if you want to see them on the blog, do let me know.

There are seemingly countless erotic photography sites on the Web, thankfully with lots of exquisite imagery lovingly focused on highly spankable, bodacious bottoms.

Three highly regarded commercial sites to check out and get you started are the striking Goddess, the massively popular Met Art site, and the intriguing Watch 4Beauty site. Happy viewing!

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