Chatting with Christy Cutie…and Her Booty

spanking christy cutie OTK
Christy’s classic pout, and posterior, are the stuff spanko dreams are made of.

Christy Cutie is simply amazing. Spanking star and a super cool person, too! We here at CRR are mesmerized by C-Cutie’s many spanking shoots, and asked her a few Q’s on her recent wicked hot shoot with the fantastic Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking site.

christy cutie spanked

So what’s it like shooting a spank vid with the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer?

Working with Chelsea is always fantastical fun! She’s super sweet and we always have lots Continue reading “Chatting with Christy Cutie…and Her Booty”

CherryRedTastic Spanking Galleries of the Week

Source image from the new website SpankRed 3D, which provides all original, fresh and new illustrated spanking fantasies, domestic scenarios, and lots of blazed ass, cherry-red-style!

What up my spanky peeps? A selections of new bun-blazing galleries for your viewing pleasure…I’m seeing a decent selection of pigtails this week! Always a good thing, indeed. 🙂

Mother Knows Best


Debbie spanked otk
My house. My rules! Screen-shot from the film “American Spanking Classics #1” starring the highly spankable Debbie.

What up spanky peeps.  Recently engaged in some important cinematic research over at CherryRedMovies, engaging in a frame-by-frame ass analysis of this “vintage” domestic discipline film starring the legendary spanking star “Debbie” entitled “American Spanking Classics, #1.”

Anyway, just absolutely love this angle, this image, the expressions on the screen-shot above.  I did alter the hue and tone to make it a bit more dramatic, cherryredtastically speaking. [If you dig this theme, check out the vid My Naughty Daughter with Chloe Elise.]

This film was part of a “Classics” series by Cal Star comprising over 20 films.

Here’s another screen-shot I completely dig…..panties being tugged down, and getting hauled over the knee. Perfect panties and pigtails. . .

GET that backside over my lap, this instant. I’ve had it.  “But Mom!!!” Screen-shot taken from “American Spanking Classics, #1.”


Spanking videos streaming on-demand at HotMovies

Rosaleen Young: A Classic M-F Tail Blazing Photoset


Rosaleen Young spanked over the knee
Amazing. Love that wheelbarrow position.  Here’s a related gallery featuring Veronica Ricci with some similarly-themed pix, positionally speaking.   And of course there was this Cherry award winning set.

What up my spanky peeps. I think I’m as equally entranced by the long-since retired fetish, bondage and spanking star Rosaleen Young as most other cherry red enthusiasts.  While Rosaleen primarily focused, if I’m not mistaken, on F-F spanking, there are several delicious M-F photosets there, including this scorching hot tail blazer…..

Spanking and fetish star Rosaleen Young

And yes I have made inquiries to try to interview this legendary model.  No luck.  Anyway, Gawd, I love these pix.   The scenario was she got caught raiding the booze closet and paid the price with her bottom. BTW if you dig bondage and dungeons and such, check out this RY video.

Rosaleen Young getting a M-F spanking over the knee

An image of perfection.

Dear Readers: Would you like to see more Rosaleen Young posts like this?

——>I”m also on the hunt for more Rosaleen pix of the M-F variety, if any readers out there care to share their treasure trove. . . .and if you have more pix from this specific photoset, I’d be eternally grateful Thank you.

Check out a few Rosaleen Young spanking vids playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies:

Rosaleen Young spanking videos

Cherry Award Winner: Hottest, Sexiest Spanking Scene


mishka devlin gets spanked in dropseat pajamas
Incredible.  Check out more pix in this free gallery.

What up my spanky peeps.  We here at CRR HQ are announcing today that we thusly are issuing forthwith a special “Cherry” award to the “Fantasy Spanking” video running over at the sizzling Triple A Spanking site.

It’s one of the hottest and sexiest spanking vids the cherry red team has seen in quite some time. And the photos are awe-inducing.

The film features the beguiling Mishka, and the unstoppable bun blazer John, in the rarely shot but deliriously exposing “wheelbarrow” position, in addition to featuring wicked cute socks, pink panties, pigtails, and even drop seat pajamas in the second scene. 

And Mishka’s sexy-hot reactions to her cherry red tushy treatment are divine. . . . . .

A masterwork.  Check out more photos from this yummy scene.

The film is shot in very High-Def using multiple camera angles, so one can almost feel that glowing, perky bottom that John is worshiping, groping — and spanking. His seasoned hands wonderfully alternate between delicious swats and luscious, tantalizing massaging — a textbook clinic on how to give an erotic, intimate spanking.  Love it. More please! And congratulations on your Cherry!

For more info, visit Triple A Spanking and enjoy the cherry red awesomeness.

P.S. Below is a still from a yet to be released Mishka film, entitled “Female Disciplinary Manual.” The photos I’ve seen are extremely intriguing, to say the least.

Mishka Devlin spanked on Triple A Spanking

P.S.S.  Want more?  Perv on over to a few more Mishka spanking galleries:


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