Words of Wisdom from Poppy St. Vincent; And CherryRed News

There is a great deal about life, love and spanking that I’m constantly learning from the amazing writer and spanking blogger Poppy St. Vincent.

[In case you missed it, check out her fabtastic cherry red guest blog post from over the summer.] Poppy’s diminutive tweets on Twitter are often poetic nuggets of sage advice, wisdom and learning on various cherry red topics, such as the tweet above, that I thought would look cool framed up in a “vintage” comic.

I do think lines such as these are meant to confuse and, perhaps, even momentarily stun Tops unprepared for such twisted logic. . . . Your thoughts? 🙂

*  *  *

Coming soon on the Cherry Red Report: Dave attempts to pick his all-time favest pix in history of the exquisite Alison Miller, of Firm Hand Spanking fame. Good luck with that.

Shadow Lane’s mega-compilation, No If’s, Ands–Just Butts, continues to be one of the most popular spanking films over at CherryRedMovies, and for good reason: 22 bottoms. 90 minutes. 1 video. Perv on over and give it a view:

In other cherry hot news, after 2 years of feverish website design work, Amateur Spankings has re-launched their spanking site with a fresh and tasty new look that is easier to navigate in order to enjoy the cherry red goodness. Click below to check it out:

Bun Beating Fun debuts their latest model, Claire, who gets a serious bun toasting and ends up with some real tears and a crimson posterior:

Bun toating for Claire's buns.

Beautiful new spanking model Amaya recently debuted on Punished Brats, pictured below in a glorious pic on the receiving end of Veronica’s hairbrush:

Veronica's hairbrush does its work on Amaya's beautiful bottom.

This just in from Clare Fonda: Real-life spanking enthusiast Kisa Corvin debuts on Spanked Sweeties, tells her story and acts out some real-life tushy-tanning experiences. Also from Clare Fonda, Veronica Ricci dons her birthday suit on Spanked Call Girls.

Kisa Corvin debuts on Sweeties, and learns a lesson from Clare Fonda's seasoned hand.

Firm Hand announces yet another new yummy model, the delightful Kelly Morgan who takes her first ever spanking from Mr. Grey. Click here for a sample video and free piccies.

Playing a naughty intern, Kelly Morgan gets her first ever spanking on Firm Hand Spanking

Have you met the striking Danielle Hunt on Spanked in Uniform? Please perv on over….uh huh….

Danielle Hunt gets a good tanning, as a mischevious police cadet.

Over at Good Spanking, Chelsea Pfeiffer continues to keep tushies smoldering hot, with so many amazing models, I have lost count….Hmm…love this pic below, of Sophie Nova’s perfect bottom, as Chelsea approvingly admires her handiwork:

English Spankers features one of the best short-shorts pic sets I’ve seen in a while, with “Scarlot” and her flaming fanny on the receiving end of a good spanking.

Shorts-shorts perfection.

*    *   *   *

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