Two Bullies Get Strapped to Tears by Daddy

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The Daddy, played by no-nonsense Dominic King, gives his two misbehaving daughters a memorable lesson on PunishedBrats on why bullying is really, really bad.  Seriously bad. And you are damn right those schoolgirl panties get peeled down….Red tails and tears to follow.

“……Sisters Adriana Evans and Mandie Rae were happily regaling in a discussion of how the two of them terrorized the freshman girls that day. What they hadn’t counted on was that the school would contact their father about their exploits. Soon, the two bullies were bent over the couch, made to pull down their panties, and strapped to tears.”

punished brats

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P.S.  A gorgeous behind-the scenes photo with all three players:

Dominic King certainly has one of the most amazing jobs on the planet over at Punished Brats…spanking beauties such as this! *envious* :–)

Brianna’s Bun Blazing & Cyberpunk’s Comeuppance

spanked sweetiesPlease welcome Brianna Brown as the least Sweetie to be featured, and interviewed candidly, on Spanked Sweeties! ^_^


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In PunishedBrats red-ass spanking news, they have released another sizzler that’s now avail for Instant viewing, streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies called “CyberPunk Punished.” Newbies to this on-demand service can try out 10Min for Free.  🙂 🙂  This latest cherry-cheeked release features sassy minx Penny Stone as the delightfully spankable miscreant.

punishedbratsAnd don’t forget to check out streaming on-demand other P-Brats wicked hawtt spanking releases including the domestic deliciousness of  “Strict Stepmother” vid and also the stern tanning over at  “Aunt’s House.”

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