The Two of Hearts: New Art by Kami Tora

Yessss! It’s been a while since Kami has drawn up some cherry red hawtness. Exquisite new spanking illo by the unmatched artistry of the legendary Kami Tora…..Simply sizzling [and dripping wet if you look closely.] Hopefully, someday he’ll complete the full deck of cards. Hm…anyone up for a game of Texas Spank ’em? [Insert more card-playing spanko puns Here.]

In other red-ass, bun-blazing art news, I recently stumbled across, quite happily, two brand new and intriguing spanking art blogs, both of which are focused on the F/m end of the cherry red spectrum. Anyway, they are Banjo’s Blog and also check out RedRump.

Get your free minutes now! Freshly updated with cherry red goodness:

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