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Naughty Chloe gets a “Daddy” spanking that brings her to tears….Live now at PunishedBrats. Dear Readers, Curious….Are you into real crying in your spanking erotica ?  As always, your comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated. You can also take my survey on this topic that I recently posted on my Twitter–follow me for lots of wicked hawt spanking content.
spanking at punishedbrats.com
Dahlia soothes her burning bottom after some hard discipline.
deMandie Rae at punishedbrats after a spanking
Sent to the corner by her “Mom” played by Amber Pixie Wells, naughty girl gone astray deMandie Rae learns a bottom-blazing lesson she won’t soon forget.


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real spanking at Punished Brats

Pants. Down. Now.

spanking punished bratsJoelle gives Bianca a taste of posterior percussion punishment in a wicked delicious update from Punished Brats.

punishedbratsContiuning the pants down theme, this slutty daughter Cadence gets her tights yanked down via Momma Veronica and takes her medicine via a memorable ass tanning.  Playing now at PunishedBrats.

– – – – ->In editorial news, following up on the mischief-making Whitney Morgan, there will be a new SpankedSweetie making her debut on Monday.  Stay tuned for complete coverage.

I’m Making my Own GIFs Now — PunishedBrats Edition!

punished bratsHmm mmm.  I love the exposure.  The redness.  The eroticism.

So I’m in a GIF-making mood, also in a blog re-design mood, check out CherryRedSpanking.com.  Anyway, these animated gifs are cherryred style, my spanky peeps.  I could watch this all day.  Look at that cherry red hued bottom bounce deliciously, as Joelle Barros lights that gorgeous backside piping hot, from a recent Must-See update from Punished Brats. (I have to make these digital gifs small, as they are very large file sizes). 


Here we have the stunning Joelle Barros tending the misbehaving issues of the tantalizing Bianca Rose.  Uh huh.  I can’t even….This is an extremely erotic scene.

Joelle took pleasure in spanking the lovely red head over her lap. Spanking her until she promised not to rummage through her jewelry. After Bianca was well spanked, Joelle led her lovely object of desire to the corner of the room and got back in bed to enjoy both Bianca and the handywork she had done to her bottom.”

For more info and free preview videos, surf over to Punished Brats!

punbratsjunesepia——->In editorial news, stay tuned for a forthcoming tribute to Ivy Sherwood.

Free Video Sample: Serious StepMom Hairbrush Action

stepmom spanking hairbrush otkThis is some serious hairbrush spanking action, via Julie Simone’s seasoned OTK punishment skills.  Enjoy a bun-blazing Free video sampler below, taken from the  Punished Brats must-see film streaming on-demand “Strict Stepmother,” starring naughty Tara and fetish star Julie Simone.  This sizzling vid has 5 different fanny-flaming scenes btw.

Film clip courtesy of the PunishedBrats film “Strict Stepmother” — watch it instantly streaming on-demand.

For instant access to 1000’s of new and rare spank vids streaming On-Demand, surf on over to CherryRedMovies.com. Watch what You want. When You Want.  No memberships.  No commitment.  Easy. Discreet. Try it for free.


Corner Time. PunishedBrats Style.

Hello spanky peeps.  Just was recently noticing that PunishedBrats offers some delightfully gorgeous corner-time visual imagery.  Thusly, below is a sizzling sample of some of their recent red-tailed, cherry-cheeked, nose-in-the-corner piccies….Which is your fave? ^_^

punishedbrats cornertimePictured: Top, left to right, Penny Stone, and Adrianna Evans.   Bottom, left to right, deMandi Rae, and Audrey.

For instant access, and free video previews (yes!), surf on over to PunishedBrats.

PunishedBrats spanking

Fresh New Spankettes: Ella, Lacy, Holly, Ashley

The sublime adult film star, and former librarian, Ela Darling is featured over at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s fantastic Good Spanking.  This image simply rocks: panties tangled, legs spread, buns glowing.  Posterior punishment perfection.  Also visit Chelsea’s GoodSpankingClassics as well.

chelsea pfeiffer spanking ela darling*  *  *

Over at Punished Brats, the latest spankette is new brat Laci Star, who I believe also filmed a video with Bun Beating Fun…..[In case you missed it, check out a blog post on 4 more new PunishedBrats models: Pandie, Mandie, Cadency and Penny.  There will be a quiz later.]

punishedbrats laci starAnd Laci is certainly feeling that sizzling hairbrush on her beautiful buns, bucking over the lap of seasoned Domme Veronica Bound.

*  *  *

Speaking of buns, Holly is the newest model to get the Bun Beating Fun treatment.  If you dig no-nonsense bun blazing with no scenarios or dialogue, just very red ass, check out this site.

Bun Beating Fun spanking videos*  *  *

The stunning new spanking model Ashley learns that being a maid is a lot more than she bargained for.  Playing now at English Spankers.  Check out a free preview video.

english spankersThe seasoned spanker Sarah Stern applies the strap.  In case you missed it, check out Sarah’s guest blog post on her Top 10 Spanking Model Debuts, featuring more gorgeous cherry-cheeked imagery.

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