Cherry Red Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Lila Night from RealSpankings

We have been transfixed here at CRR world headquarters with a beautiful, endlessly naughty vixen by the name of Lila Night, previously known by her mainstream adult film name Lovey Cravesit. [You can also visit her blog Here.]

Despite the fact that she has inexplicably shorn her stunning, majestic blue-hued locks, she is a fantastic spanking model for the RealSpankings network of websites, with a bottom to die for — and the ability to take very hard, bottom-burning spankings, strappings and paddlings.

On a side note, Miss Betty Blaze and Lila Night [pictured at left] won The Spanking Spot’s Hardest F/F Scene of 2010 award, awarded by the tireless pervy Spanking Spot blogger known as Mr. Brushstrokes.

Anyway, instead of the standard Q&A, which I hope to publish in the coming months, I picked 6 fav pix, and asked Lila for the behind-the-scenes scoop on each of the images.

You can check Lila’s work out on the RealSpankings website, as well as their Real Spankings Institute site. [Both sites are part of their multi-site Real Spankings Network of red-assed, cherry red awesomeness.]

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*  *  *  *  *

This was from my first shoot with another model, Monica. Monica was super awesome to work with and I really enjoyed myself, both on camera and off. I believe that this was following a bare-bottomed belt spanking from Mr. M.

I was pretty gratified to have had an actual belt used on my bottom; it really added to the realism of the situation.

This scene also fed my inner voyeur, as I got to watch Monica get punished first. She took it pretty hard and I was a little nervous when my turn came around…

*  *  *

I don’t like canes very much. I have to be pretty deep into subspace before I find them very much fun.

Too much sting and too much welting. For the same reasons, I don’t like switches very much, either.

This was one of the few scenes that I was genuinely nervous about. We had a paddle picked out in case I couldn’t take too much of the switch and had to…switch implements. I can’t tell you how happy I was that the switch broke on the second stroke and I got to be paddled for the rest of the scene.

I love paddles, especially heavy cheek-to-cheek ones. The pain from them makes me happy and gives me that lovely little adrenaline rush that makes spanking extra fun. Canes and switches mostly just sting and make me cry.

*  *  *

The lighting in this picture makes my hair look awesome! If I remember correctly, there wasn’t too much of a “background story” to this scene, just a strapping scene with my lovely tits on display.

I do like being able to work outdoors in the new studio, though. It’s a very Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Lila Night from RealSpankings”

Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: Talking Spanko with Miss Betty of Real Spankings Network

What’s up my spanky peeps? We are quite thrilled to post this exclusive Q&A with Miss Betty aka Betty Blaze, one of the top spankers [and spankees] at the long-running Real Spankings Network, led by their flagship RealSpankings website, and their spanking Institute site.

[You can also watch many of their earlier red-assed material “On-demand” via CherryRedMovies on their studio page Here.]

We chat about RealSpankings new private studio and fresh new models; embracing her “inner spanko;” Miss Betty’s favest spanko toys; and heaps more bun-blazing yummyness.

In addition to her cherry-red oriented interests, Betty is also a retro-inspired pin-up model, burlesque dancer, circus aerialist, among other diverse pursuits. [As always, your comments/feedback are encouraged and appreciated.] :smile:

Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. How are you doing these days?

I’m fantastic! Working a lot at the Real Spankings Studio, and we have lots of exciting things going on around here. Livin, lovin, and lots of laughing — oh, and lots and lots of spanking.

No doubt about that. There seems to be a lot of spanktastic, cherry-reddening activity at the Real Spankings Network, from all the gorgeous new models to, I believe, you have a new studio? Can you fill us in on the latest ?

We have decided to change things up a bit and allow for more shooting options.  As a result, we now have a 7,000 sq. ft. location, which is on a fenced and gated three acres, with a pool and hot tub.

The location is a large estate, so while it is not in the woods, we have three acres of manicured property with an 8ft stone wall around the perimeter.   For the first time, we will now have the ability to shoot outdoors whenever we want.  We are all very excited about the different options this new space provides.

Way too much fun to be able to just step out the door for some filming!

As far as new models go we have welcomed a fantastic new group of girls to the family. Including- Lila, Maggie, Erin, Ivy, Alexa, Frankie and Sophie!! Also, with the return of some of our favorite models like Jasmine and Kailee, we are really happy to have them back! And to top it off, Danny Crighton, Miss Vaughn and Mr. King are back as well.

Speaking of new models, for example, Erin is quite exquisite. How did you find this beauty, and what’s it like tanning her bodacious perky bottom?

Erin responded to an advertisement and was very excited to pursue her spanking modeling career. How is it spanking her? Well, she is still building on her pain tolerance, so we still can’t spank her super hard but she is trying really hard and is always up for a challenge! I love spanking her petite little bottom! Lord knows she deserves it! She can be SUCH a BRAT.

Lila is wonderfully spankable and gorgeous *swoon* How do you like working with her?

Lila is a wonderful model. Definitely a life-styler and I really love that about her. She’s always excited to get spanked and is always ready for a really hard punishment. I enjoy the little noises she makes when she’s receiving a spanking as well.

She is someone I believe we will be seeing in the scene for a long time. She’s a super hot, kinky, spankable girl! Who could ask for anything more? Our 1st shoot with Lila, I can assure you, she did not disappoint us, nor did we disappoint her.

You know you have hired well, when during her “punishment profile” she states that “I really just love anything smacking on my bare bottom, a belt, a whip, cane, and paddle, whatever…I just love it.”  I think you will love it to.

On a side note, I wish these models didn’t have so many tattoos–what’s your feeling on all the ink?

I think everyone is entitled to express themselves how they see fit. I find most Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: Talking Spanko with Miss Betty of Real Spankings Network”

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