8 Amazing Images You Need to See: Exquisite Red-Bottom Spanking Highlights featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford

Spanking Model Amelia Jane Rutherford
Spanking superstar Amelia Jane offers CRR the scoop on this fab image:   “This is from Spanking Sarah and it was a brilliant shoot.  Lovely thick cane (have finally discovered that’s my favourite type) and Sarah was in fine form being utterly beastly and unreasonable as a Top.  Brilliant!  I felt sorry for the poor teddy being dragged into it though, what did he do wrong?  And it was SO painful! the last thing we shot in a 2 day shoot, so I was sore before the caning even started.”

The legendary fetish model and spanking superstar Amelia Jane Rutherford has been featured in sooooo many top-notch spank action films and photo shoots — I thought I’d select some of her glowing hot highlights from the past year or so.  BTW, she’s also graced the pages of this site by guest-blogging for CRR: for example, check out her 2013 blog post: “Six Reasons NOT to Wear Panties” and surf over to a behind-the scenes style feature with more fab eye-candy imagery.

On a side note, you can now enjoy some of her classic bun-blazing work on Shadow Lane’s newly revamped website. And if you dig on-demand streaming videos, check out a few AJR vids playing now on CherryRedMovies — new users to this site can watch 10min for free.

Anyway, free to email me with your own Amelia Jane photo faves, or leave a comment below. Enjoy! 🙂

amelia jane rutherford spanking otk
Deliciously stern Momma Dana is displeased with her daughter, Sarah Gregory and their new British exchange student, Amelia, as both have been running about with no panties on! Blazing red ass ensues!  Amazing video from the pulse-pounding domestic discipline site Momma Spankings.   FYI:  Last summer, AJR provided this blog with her thoughts on this memorable shoot featuring more steamy photos.  

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SpankRed Drawing of the Week

spankred3d computer rendered spanking art

A remarkable ass-blazing illustration from the pervy masterminds over at the new website SpankRed3D, a site which features all original artwork, never before seen sizzling illustrations, bun-blazing artwork, red-ass fantasies and tons more. . . .

In spanking video news, the producers at Shadow Lane have released an explicitly hawt vid called “Strictly Spanked and Purged,” starring the beguiling Ten Amorette and wonderfully stern Ralph Marvell, featuring red-ass, anal discipline, enemas and more cherryred themed deliciousness.

shadowlane spanking

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Check out some Real Spanking classics playing on-demand at CherryRedMovies:


Beautiful Artwork: Cowgirl Ass Whippin’

Artist unknown.

In the cherry red editorial pipeline: Stay tuned for an interview with the beguiling Mishka of Triple A Spanking fame, pictured below in one of the most erotic and hotttt vids I’ve seen in a while. . .

Mishka Devlin spanking

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American Spanko

What’s up spanky peeps.  Wonderful parody I recently stumbled upon in my pervy files, of one of the most iconic, and most parodied, paintings of the 20th century, Grant Woods “American Gothic” — the original version of which always made me yawn terribly. [I do not know unfortunately who created this parody.]

Here we have the farmer’s gloomy, dour expression, as depicted in the original painting, now cleverly transformed into one of, perhaps, delightful mischief.  And the woman’s modest attire morphed into something a bit more, well, spanktastic.

Certainly do dig this version heaps better; be that as it may, for us spankos, a sturdy brush or well-worn paddle would have been more apropos than a riding crop, don’t you think?


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