One of the Greatest Spanking Photos of All Time?

Well, at least this blogger thinks so.   Kinda a random blog post, but just was curious what y’all think? This luscious, retro-fueled, vintage-inspired, retro-rockin’ pin-up style photograph by shutterbug extraordinaire Riley Kern certainly gets my spanko senses tingling.

The tireless blogger Valdor recently posted some other spanko pin-up style eye candy which can be found here on his Spank Statement blog.

*  *  *  *

:arrow:Speaking of spanko senses, check out the latest yummy Sweetie to grace Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties site, offering sizzling spanking scenes and real life spanking interviews: the bubble-tushy-licious Mary Jane @@.

[On a side note, another bodacious bottom I’ve been swooning over recently is Mina Meow. *swoons*]

More Mary Jane Pix

Mary Jane Gallery 2

Mary Jane Gallery 3

Mary Jane Gallery 4

Mary Jane Gallery 5

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