Guest Blogger Penelope Hasler’s Top 5 Roleplay Outfits

We are delighted to present a cherryred guest blog post by the unstoppable and top-notch blogger and spanking fiction writer Penelope Hasler, focusing on her top 5 most fav outfits for cherry-cheeked, fanny-flaming roleplay.

And do make sure to visit her excellent blog called Naughty Little Writer.  Penelope’s spanktastic scribblings and intriguing and often quite humorous musings on the topic of cherryred-themed goodness are always a delight.

Written by Penelope Hasler

#5 Fairy Tale Character/Superhero(ine)

Okay, this is two outfits. So spank me!

Fairy Tale

Lots of fancy dress costumes for women are of fairy tale characters like Red Riding Hood, Snow White, or Alice in Wonderland: young ladies who epitomise sweetness and innocence; gals as pure as the driven snow.

The outfits are of course styled to be cheeky and sexy and revealing, but they nevertheless retain something of that demureness. And it’s exactly in the contrast between the wide-eyed innocence of the fairy tale princess and the nasty, kinky things she gets up to Continue reading “Guest Blogger Penelope Hasler’s Top 5 Roleplay Outfits”

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