Exclusive Education Year 12 Debuts on Girl Spanks Girl !

schoolgirl spanking with Clare FondaLet the bun blazing begin!  Part 1 of the latest installment of the annual schoolgirl spankapalooza mega spank-fest known as Exclusive Education, Year 12(!), where the homework is the hairbrush, is now Live playing exclusively on Girl Spanks Girl, also avail via the better-valued five-site Clare Pass.

This is Part 1 of a 4 part corporal punishment epic that will include 12 amazing misbehaving schoolgirls in total.  What’s wicked cool on Girl Spanks Girl is that you also get access to the previous 11 years of cherry reddening Exclusive Education episodes! 🙂 Delightful schoolgirl bottoms turn a delicious shade of glowing red…..

Clare Fonda and Snow Mercy spanking schoolgirls
Snow Mercy lays the smack-down as Clare Fonda watches in approval, in the bun-blazing Exclusive Education 12, playing now….

Exclusive Education 12 is a great fanny-flaming blend of established spanking starlets along with several newbies. The legendary Clare Fonda has been promoted to principal this year. And fetish superstar Snow Mercy is the teacher in charge of the naughty girls. They will be featured in the first three parts of EE12.  Hard punishing Lana Miller is now the Dean of the school that encourages corporal punishment.

Exclusive Education Year 12 spanking schoolgirl videoOther established stars include Elori Stix and Cupcake SinClair.  New spankettes include Apricot Pitts and Ashley Lane. Making their spanking debut are Joy Luck and runway model Alice Goods.  Check out more pix in this exclusive preview gallery.

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Innocents Taken: CherryRedMovies Spotlight

innocents taken cherryredmovies
Not focusing on your piano lessons results in some memorable across the seat music — and much more sexy hawtness, in this sizzling scene starring Blue Angel and Cindy Hope.   Absolutely stunning.

In the mood for some depravity and decadence and spanking of schoolgirls? Pigtails and panties and plaid skirts?

Recently discovered quite a sizzling title streaming on-demand right now at CherryRedMovies by the intriguing name of “Innocents Taken.” While it may not satisfy innocents takenfans of hard tanning action, if you dig lighter, sexy-hawt spanking spiced with sex, you might enjoy this XXX film, streaming on-demand. [New users: watch 10min for free at CherryRedMovies.]

This vid is actually one of the top 5 most popular movies playing on-demand at CherryRedMovies……

Directed by Andre Baylock for kinky porn purveyors Bizarre Video, and starring such notable adult superstars as the enticing Lola Vargas and exquisite Tara White, this heat-inducing film featured 4 different scenes.

innocents taken schoolgirls
Wickedly hotttttttt F-F scene featuring light spanking and dripping wet anal play and more….You’ve been warned.

The film describes itself as: Welcome to the school of hard knocks where young neophytes are instructed on the sexually sadistic ways of the kinkier side of sex! When these mischievous ladies are caught red-handed, they are bent over and spanked……


“They are led into complete depravity – and love every taboo minute of it!……Their innocence snatched away in repeated acts of debauchery including lesbian strap-on fun, lesbian anal penetration, male-on-female anal penetration, facials and much more!”

innocents taken spanking
Misbehaving schoolgirl Yvette Balanco gets spanked, plugged and much more.

For more info, perv on over to CherryRedMovies and check out Innocents Taken, streaming On-Demand for instant viewing. New users can try out 10min for Free. Enjoy! 🙂


Cherry Red Hires Three New Interns

Please join me in spanking welcoming three new Fall editorial assministrators to the Cherry Red Report: Kym, Lucy-Anne and Holly. They be working hotly feverishly on integrating the blog link thingies, coding the new XTML gizmotrons and leveraging the Interwebs and whatnot.

I can dream, can’t I? ?

Photo courtesy of St. Mackenzie’s.

P.S. Click here for more pix from this gallery of hotness.  🙂

The Naughty World of St. Mackenzie’s School For Girls


My goodness, the mind reels at the spanktastic possibilities…….A masterpiece.

If you have not been to St. Mackenzie’s which is billed as “the most unruly institute of

St. Mackenzies: Where good behavior is optional

learning in England and on the Web,” please do visit this unusual collection of mouth-watering eye candy.

It’s the yummiest yet classiest schoolgirl modeling site I have  seen; amazingly hot, considering there is, shockingly, no actual spanking. What??? I know….

While not an explicit adult site like the fabulous X-Art, the site producers at St. Mackenzie’s perfectly capture the naughty schoolgirl aesthetic quite beautifully.

Despite the lack of cherry redness, the site is still exquisite with stunningly gorgeous photography of both naughty “students,” rebellious badgirls, school maids, PE instructors, and stern-looking sexy headmistresses; in addition, the site offers teasingly enticing Hi-Def vids too. Take a free site tour and I think you’ll agree.

It will certainly get your spanko senses tingling. . . .


Enjoy a few free galleries. @@!

Gallery 1: Returing from Gym class

Gallery 2: The HeadMistress

Gallery 3: The New Student

Gallery 4: Becky Roberts

Gallery 5: What a Dream This Is

COMING SOON: Stay tuned for an exclusive Q&A with bondage model turned spankee Mei Mara, who recently was tanned good and proper on Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking site.

Punished OTK by Chelsea Pfeiffer, new model Mei Mara learns the meaning of cherry red.

Check out what’s playing now On-Demand at CherryRedMovies: Browse spanking titles from producers ranging from Raven Hill and Far East Media to industry pioneers like Shadow Lane.

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