My Top 10 Favest Spanked Sweeties & Daisy Dukes Pix

veronica ricci shorts
Ms. Veronica Ricci rockin’ some tight shorts on GirlSpanksGirl.  Veronica was recently featured in her own Top 10 list, fyi.

As you can see, we certainly love top 10 lists here at CRR HQ.  Organizing one’s spanko thoughts in neat lists is always fun.  Similar to the Top 10 Favest SpankedSweeties galleries post from a ways back, I had a folder sitting on my desktop of my most favest spanking + daisy dukes images from the Clare Fonda Network of spank-action sites.  

Thought most of my selections turned out to be from the domestic discipline-focused website SpankedSweeties.

***All sites mentioned in this post are avail via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.

Being that Spring is allegedly in the air, and short-shorts season is fast approaching, without further ado, in no particular order:

1.  Annika Albright.  That wonderfully spankable, perky bottom arched with Continue reading “My Top 10 Favest Spanked Sweeties & Daisy Dukes Pix”

A Cherry Spanking Classic

Sometimes just one image captures it all.

I was going through my vast spanko photographic archives here at cherry red HQ, and I have always loved this very early film from Spanked Sweeties, starring a stunning model named, appropriately enough, Cherry, who sports a cherry tattoo.

The image is actually a screen-grab I took from the film, after doing, literally, a frame-by-frame spanktastic analysis of the film, on the prowl for that iconic split-second classic spanking moment.  And I salute Clare’s long-time cameraman for utilizing some fantastic angles in the vid.

This image has a lot going for it: movement and dynamics: Cherry’s flying hair; her panty-clad bottom unusually arched deliciously for Clare’s seasoned hand; Clare’s hand wrapped around her waist, resting on bare midriff.  I aged the screen-shot a bit, adjusted the hue and saturation and did some tinkering with it. Overall, I say, it’s made of cherry red awesomesauce.

Another fab vid starring Cherry is a yummy Chelsea Pfeiffer film, that is must-see TV if you dig Cherry [pictured below] and her perfect bottom clad in skin tightttt jeans meeting Chelsea’s wooden hairbrush. [And Chelsea, of GoodSpanking fame, also punishes Clare Fonda, herself, in this film!] Cherry is even rocking the same perfect, snug pink bikini panties as in the pic above.

Here’s some vid samples…hmm….you know, I should do a frame-by-frame spanktastic analysis of this film sometime:

Ahem…mm….oh…hello! Where was I? OK…In other Clare Fonda news, be sure to check out the newest Sweetie: the highly spankable Kisa Corvin; and a sizzling new spanking scene featuring a nude Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci;  naughty boy Kade getting a butt whuppin’ from Clare and Lana, apparently in front of the whole cast of EE6.

Other amazing, awe-inducing spanking galleries from Clare Fonda have featured stunners such as Dani Jensen and Shay Golden. And don’t forget Alexis Grace and Lynn Leona, to name a few.

Dani Jensen is an award-winning XXX film star, and you can see many of her films Here. Shay Golden’s been busy in the porn world as you can see Here. Alexis Grace is no stranger to adult as you can check out her films too.

Because I Need It; Plus Cherry Red Spanko News

Prepping for the oncoming hurricane. But fear not. I have enough spanko implements to last 3 to 4 days.

Plus I have a handy checklist: Bottled water? Check. Hairbrush and back-up hairbrush? Check. Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum? Check. Canned goods? Check. EE6? Check. Johnny Walker Black Label? Check.

Anyway, I have always been absolutely obsessed fascinated with this hella’ good photo from a mid/late 1990’s spanking magazine, possibly “Spank Hard.” So hunkered down in the Cherry Red Graphix Lab, it’s super fun to play around with this powerful image. [There’s also another pic from this photo shoot that I am certainly quite fond of, because spanking does a body good.]

*  *  *

*  *  *

Been mining recently through the treasure trove that is CalStar’s classic spanko erotica. Some quite hot spanky vids indeed, available on-demand, via CherryRedMovies, which you can try for Free: nothing to join, no monthly membership fees. Watch what you want, when you want to, pay-per-minute–and you can speedily skip to the “good parts.” 🙂

*  *  *

If you haven’t seen it, do check out the unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer’s 2-site special. Double the cherry red pleasure….

…which gives you access to her sizzling “Good Spanking Classics” site of golden-age spanko goodness, in addition her latest sizzling Good Spanking material.

*  *  *

I remain in awe of naughty daughter Dani Jensen. Here’s a another spanking gallery. Can you imagine Shay Golden and Dani in the same vid together on Clare’s flagship website: Spanked Sweeties? ZOMG. Two naughty teenagers in trouble with Momma Clare. That would be epic epicness.

"You are gonna' learn a good lesson, Dani, on your bare backside. I've had enough of your misbehavior and fresh mouth."

* * *

For those into bratty males on the receiving end of cherry reddening, I continue to update Spanking4Men quite regularly with red ass. So do perv on over there if you dig that sort of spanko activity. [Clare Fonda, btw, is no stranger to tanning male ass, as you can see, for example, in this gallery here.]

*  *  *

Over at Bun Beating Fun, if you dig howling models getting their tails blistered pretty damn hard over the knee, real squirming and real tears, without any discernible plot whatsoever…..

….then this spanko site might be for you. [They also upgraded their vid quality.]

…..Check out free bun-busting video samples and more >>>>>at Bun Beating Fun.

*  *  *

On Triple A Spanking, the exquisite schoolgirl Kami Roberton gets caught texting in detention and thusly….

…receives a healthy dose of the traditional stinging birch rod, white knickers peeled down.

*  *  *

Firm Hand Spanking features in their latest update something quite remarkable @@!: gorgeous identical twins, the Berkeley Twins, who get spanked clad in cheerleading uniforms ^_^ [I’m thinking of blogging up another post/tribute to Firm Hand star Alison Miller, who continues to amaze me with her naughty behavior and beauty.]

We're naughty twins!

*  *  *

In other news, a new addition to the Fall collection of Cherry-Red Wear: the cliche, yet time-worn classic phrase, emblazoned on some cherry red panties:

*  *  *

Imagine Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford as your newest, and most naughty, new military recruits, as seen recently on Spanked in Uniform. Cherry redness is bound to occur.

Perv over to Spanked in Uniform for more spanko goodness.

You can try this for free if you want: Updated daily for cherry red freshness and spanko goodness. The best in on-demand, pay-per-minute cherry red spanking videos:
Editors Picks

RoboSpank Paddle Punishment

Wicked cool robotic paddling art by Andy, a self-taught illustrator who specializes in “cheescake and bondage art.” [Anyone up for suggesting a creative caption?]

[Hm…I’m suddenly in a paddle-poppin’ mood!] 🙂 The spankos over at Firm Hand know a thing or two about wielding a very large cherry reddening paddle, as they feature this stout implement quite often:

Above sassy lass Annabelle Vanderwood learns the hard way. And the legendary Samantha Woodley of course…

[Check out a sizzling Samantha vid, though no paddling, called “An Exemplary Student” and there’s a great paddling scene with Samantha in Shadow Lane’s “Sting Operation.”

And fiery redhead Alison Miller pictured below gets her skin tightttt jeans cherry reddened on Firm Hand Spanking….

[Read an interview with Alison Miller.]

“You are going to count these swats, young lady…..”

Those who dig the board of education might enjoy the RealSpankings film Best of the Paddle, Vol. 2., featuring seven butt-blazing scenes, as well as their sizzling film School Swats.

In more paddle happy news, the tireless master craftsperson and woodsmith Kitty from Kitty’s Exotic Paddles, who makes some of the finest paddles on the planet, that are works of art, really, is periodically unveiling pro-shot promo banners, featuring various beautiful models. My favest of the current batch is below. Tighttt jeans + awesome paddle = Win.

[Check out an interview with Kitty.]

New spanko starlet Shay Golden was recently punished good and hard on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties, and received a dose of the wooden paddle….check out more free pix here.

The legendary Amber Pixie Wells recently got punished with a nasty looking paddle on PunishedBrats. Yikes.

*   *   *   *

Get some free minutes now: Updated daily for cherry red freshness and spanko goodness. The best in on-demand, pay-per-minute cherry red spanking videos:
Editors Picks

Clare Fonda’s Cameraman: Behind the Scenes with Shay Golden

The spanko crew here at Cherry Red HQ have been quite enamored since the day adult film star Shay Golden made her awe-inducing debut recently on Clare Fonda’s flagship Spanked Sweeties website, which is also available via Clare’s multi-site pass. So we thought we’d ask Clare chief video wizard, master lensman and primary recorder of all things cherry red [known as The Cameraman] for the behind-the-scenes scoop on the epic hawtness that is Shay. . .

Thank you for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. When you first saw Shay Golden walk through the door rocking those incredible daisy dukes, what went through your mind?

I had seen Shay once before – on the set of a horror movie where I met her and Veronica Ricci, who were in a scene together.  I was the cameraman, and also the one who designed
Shay’s death scene that day (her throat got cut).  I knew that Shay had an amazing body.  So when she walked in for the Clare Fonda shoot, wearing her tight short-shorts, I was pleased of course, but not surprised.

And I believe Clare said something like “those will be great for your first scene.”  I think I might’ve smiled when she said that. And this is true –  I even said to Clare something like “Cherry Red Dave is going to love this scene.”

How right you were! Did she bring a lot of outfits and clothes and whatnot to the shoot?

Shay had a smallish bag as these things go.  Seems like she had maybe 4 or so outfits.  Clare has an endless supply of dresses and full panties, and I’m going to say that Clare gave her maybe one outfit and a pair of panties for some of the stuff we shot.  So I would categorize Shay as being a practical packer.

Errm…are you, well, looking for a camera assistant at the moment? Um…just curious.

Ha ha – thanks for the offer to assist on the shoot Dave.  How much can you afford to pay Continue reading “Clare Fonda’s Cameraman: Behind the Scenes with Shay Golden”

Bugs Bunny Gets His Spank On; And Other CherryRed News

[Art by Spinitto] Anyone care to add in a caption ??

In other news, I can not stop staring at this spanking gallery from Clare Fonda. @@ <swoon>


Is the tireless chief spanko Mike, pictured above showing his smack-down skills on Spanked in Uniform, the hardest working spanker in the industry? He just might be…..Whoa and how I love that image above…..uh huh…errm…where was I?  OK….Pictured here is a beautiful, cherry-reddened lass on SIU’s cheerleading school who earns herself some overdue, panties-down otk behavior modification therapy.

Oh my…do check out fetish/adult film star Kym Wilde as a sassy, stunning cheerleader From Hell, in Scene 2 of this B&D Pleasures spanking compilation video. Spanked cheerleaders are epic Win. 

Below we have a stunning, cherry red example of what happens, you see, when your teacher is the iron-handed Ms. Law on BadTushy, and you simply click away endlessley on your Blackberrry gizmo…cherry redness will be the result. [By the way, Ms. Law aka: Kayla Quinn, is one of the hardest butt-blazers I have seen, and is a very cool, intriguing person in real-life.  She was interviewed a few yeas ago on this blog Here.]

Get your perv on at Uncle Bob’s Woodshed — Uncle B. is a spanko DJ who works his mad skillz at various spanko shindigs, spinning killer ear candy to get your tushy on the dance floor, and this site will lead you to some awe-inducing exotic paddles for cherry reddening, and his clips4sale store and more cherry red goodness.

Kat. St. James, Carrissa Montgomery and Sarah Gregory are three schoolgirls who skip school and thusly make up a titillating triumvirate of tanned tushies, a tableaux of toasted tails, if you will, after a trip over the knee and a dose of the school paddle. Click here for more pix!

In cherry red blog news: Stay tuned for a forthcoming guest column by this spanktastic spanking model.

This butt blistering PunishedBrats video featuring Miss Chris and Joelle is a gem, and one of the hottest vids I’ve seen this year…hawtness.

*  *  *

If you seek more cherry redness, featuring males on the receiving end, do perv on over to my other blog: Spanking4Men.

Shay Golden, and Her Daisy Dukes, Debut on SpankedSweeties


[Addendum: I added in a brief Q&A with Shay to the end of this post.]

Whoa….What exquisite imagery.  A pair of perfecttttt daisy dukes, snug and skimpy, cherry redness glowing underneath…and….errm… mm…Clare welcomes a new stunner to the line-up at Spanked Sweeties [also available via Clare’s multi-site Spank Pass], the amazingly spankable adult film star Shay Golden, who plays a terribly naughty daughter clad in deliriously tiny and tight daisy-dukes who gets punished otk by Mom, wonderfully played by Clare Fonda. One is never too old at Clare’s house!

I just watched the first part of this vid on Sweeties and it’s a sizzler. Clare absolutely gets these domestic scenes just pitch-perfect, playing an old-fashioned, hard-spanking Mom to perfection, from the facial expressions to the verbal interplay and scolding and otk positioning. And Shay perfectly plays the role of petulant, fresh, incorrigible, and bratty daughter, resulting in some traditional, butt-blazing over-the-knee discipline, cherry red-style.

You can watch a sampling of some her XXX adult vids on-demand on her page Here at CherryRedMovies. Shay is also interviewed candidly on Sweeties, and talks about spankings growing-up from her Mom….

Free Spanking Galleries:

Shay also filmed a M/f spanking scene, and here’s a yummy gallery of Shay getting man-spanked OTK. And she also gets a hot paddling and otk spanking in a miniscule denim min-skirt. And here’s another gallery with Clare tanning this hottie’s hot hide.

The allure of skimpy short-shorts is too strong for this spanko. Be that as it may, I do think it’s one of the most extensive collection of daisy dukes pix, and thusly spankable hotties, that you’ll find.

These photos are just…exquisite. Love the expressions and camera angles. And Shay and her bodacious backside. Pictured below, this naughty starlet awaits the wooden paddle in a forthcoming M/f scene, in the smallest miniskirt I have set eyes upon in quite some time.

A Brief Cherry Red Q&A with Shay Golden

Thank  you for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report! How is everything going for you in the adult film biz these days?

Awesome..I have come a long way since my first start of my career just doing solo video, and now you can see me shooting with some of the best companies in porn valley. I have a new reality show coming out, working on developing my own website, new dvds, and also new scenes!

Sounds great! I must say, I just saw your spanking pix/vids up on Sweeties and found them…breathtaking.

Thank you. That was my first spanking shoot and, I have to be honest, I had a great time — minus the sore butt, as it was hard to sit down lol….

So as an up and coming adult film star, what made you decide to shoot these sizzling spanking scenes with Clare Fonda?

Well I did a mainstream movie called Bloody Mary 3D and the director/producer of the film asked me how I liked spanking shoots..and that’s pretty much how Clare and I came into contact.

Have you had a lifelong interest in the spanking kink, or is this something new for you?

Always thought about it, but most guys are lame and just want to fuck and not experience the kink side.

How did you feel being over Clare’s lap getting a good, hot spanking? clad in those amazing daisy duke shorts of yours?

That was hot, especially from a woman with a good strong hand and hearing that clap bounce off my cheeks — it puts it into more reality as a Mom would.

Would you like to film more spanking shoots in the future?

Yes and actually, I’m already booked with her again.

Watch Shay Golden and many other Sweeties get their butts blazed, in addition to candid interviews about their spanking experiences:

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