Got Sinn?

We have a lot of news from the West Coast and the land of the unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer, of Good Spanking fame, who is feverishly working and slaving away in her erotic spank-lab on several new spanktacular sites and kinky projects.

These include a collaborative F/f site with sizzling spankee Sinn [pictured here]. The Sinn site is on target for a possible mid-summer launch. Other projects include a site featuring the strikingly spankable Carolyn Reese.

CRR chatted briefly with Chelsea on all things Sinn, spanking, and some sports talk, too.

As you are a Los Angeles Laker fan, what are your thoughts on a possible spectacular match-up of the Lakers vs. Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, harkening back to the epic battles of the 80’s?

Well, Lakers put away Devner in a neat sweep and Boston is looking like they’re going to take their series to 7. The way they’re playing right now I’d say anything and everything, including championship rings for our boys, is possible. Go Lakers!! BTW, Larry [Chelsea’s husband and master spanko photographer] says Lakers in 6.

If the Boston Celtics could actually win just ONE play-off game on the road, I’d be happy. And now back to our regular scheduled interview. How is the site with Sinn going?

The shoots we’ve had have been so awesome. She really has a vision for her site, which is refreshing. I’m so happy with her idea of how things should look and the mood as well.

What is it like having Sinn’s bottom squirming over your seasoned lap?

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