SpankFace: Expressions of Discipline

The excellent bun-blazing website Spanked in Uniform has always done a bang up job of capturing the spankee’s expression, which really transforms merely a good photo into a great one.

siu military
One of my favest series that Spanked in Uniform produce is a military-themed one, and this cherryredtastic image, which I “aged” to make it look vintage, features the unstoppable Army brat by the name of “Kitty” getting her comeuppance….

Of course, there’s nothing worse than seeing a cherry-cheeked image where the spankee looks like she’s about to take a nice nap.   However, you prob. won’t find that very often at SIU, which also features strict discipline and bright red ass, in addition to creative scenarios ranging from flight attendants to nurses to cheerleaders to Star Trek-themed tushy tanning fantasies 🙂 And their no-nonsense chief spanker, Mike, punishes hard! [Check out an interview with Mike.]

So just for cherryred fun, I made a little collage featuring some highly expressive, and well-punished, hotties getting their tails lit up good ‘n proper over at Spanked in Uniform.

spanked in uniform
SpankFace: all imagery kind courtesy of Spanked in Uniform.

Visit Spanked in Uniform for instant access to cheerleaders, police cadets, schoolgirls, flight attendants, nurses and more.

P.S. Another fav military-themed photo:

spanked in uniform
The long-time spanking model Angel gets her butt blistered. You’re in the army now, young lady! Image kind courtesy of SIU. Be sure to visit Spanked in Uniform for Instant red-ass Access.
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