Sofia: How I Loveth Thee

Those eyes mesmerize my brain into remnants of nothingness.

Some of this blog’s more astute readers might be aware that I have a bit of a thing for Sofia from Real Life Spankings, a fine spanking company based in The Netherlands.

I have also have a bit of a thing for Kitty, Simpa, Stacey, Julie, Angel and the rest of the endlessly misbehaving gang over there in Holland. And I’m terribly envious of RLS owner Mike’s incredibly challenging job. Their latest new models are the exquisite Jolie and the lovely Natalie. And they just released 6 new DVD’s of their most sizzling scenes, which will be blogged about in a future post.

Despite the fact that the only thing I can say in Dutch is “What kind of marijuana do you have here?” I still have hopes — for without hope, what are we? — and I still have dreams.

In fact, despite the global economic meltdown, I’m still employed.

Be that as it may, you also may have noticed that Sofia changed her hair style and color [without consulting this blogger] from a lovely auburn to a bold dark luscious black, looking like the stunning wild-child sister of Uma Thurman’s character in “Pulp Fiction.”

And in recent scenarios on Real Life Spankings, she is spanked for various naughty escapades and most notably, Sofia is caught and punished hard for masturbating i.e. fingers in the honeypot. [gasp!]

Most of you know that masturbation makes your palms grow hairy; it causes your brain slowly and over time to reduce in size to a small fruit; it may cause your naughty bits to shrivel up into useless appendages; and can spark unstoppable urges to watch “The View.” Sad, really.

I’m not sure how I should feel about this right now. . .

That is all.

BELOW: Sofia in her earlier days on RLS with auburn tresses. Which style do you prefer, fellow spankos?

* * *

For more on this site, click below for an array of previews:

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ADDENDUM: The latest new models at RLS:

Jolie and Natalie

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