A Cherry Red Pictorial Tribute to Spanking Star Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson from SoundPunishment.comMy assministrator here at CRR is not quite sure if we’ve ever blogged about the awesomeness that is the incorrigible Kelly Wilson.

This misbehaving minx is one of the stand-outs on the delicious spanking site SoundPunishment.

Always expressive and squirmy, and quite the pouter, as evidenced at left, Ms. Wilson is no stranger to a traditional cherry reddening, leaving her glowing bottom a stunning shade of hotness, the dark hue developing like a Polaroid photo upon her glorious globes.

Yet again and again, she misbehaves and the punishment is thusly repeated. Will she ever learn? I pray not.

The notable method in which she sometimes bucks about over the knee, from a certain Continue reading “A Cherry Red Pictorial Tribute to Spanking Star Kelly Wilson”

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