Abigail & Audrey Get Real With SpankThatBrat.com


It’s at that not uncommon moment of getting a tad restless with the spanking scene, with my current state of ELS (Empty Lap Syndrome), and with blogging in general that a deliciously fresh new site passes before this blogger’s jaded eyes — and I think: Time to get my spanko back on! This looks terribly Promising. and Erotic. And Real.

One word: Yum. How gorgeous is this couple? Very gorgeous. Are they spankos? YES. 100% born-spankos. Is this for real? YES. Am I dreaming? NO.

The strikingly sexy Abigail [who has filmed with a variety of spanking companies ranging from Firm Hand to Bad Tushy], and the delightfully beautiful Audrey are a very real-life couple in a very real domestic discipline relationship.

But, bless them, they decided to share their real spanking/discipline sessions with all of us lucky voyeurs at a brand new site: Spank That Brat.

Abigail informs CRR that they have just announced a “pre-opening special” to celebrate their Spank That Brat website, which has a members section with pix, vids, message board, blooper reels and more.

Though still under some development and tweaking, the site has some preview images and vid clip that are certainly sizzlers. Check out their refreshingly candid bio’s as well.

Bottom line is Abigail is punished hard on this site for real infractions — if you are looking for Academy Award-winning acting and off-the-wall scenarios, this site might not be for you.

Abigail took a few moments to chat with CRR about this spanktastic new venture.

* * *

So what sparked you and Audrey to create your own website?


Audrey and I have a very natural D/d relationship between each other which we incorporate into our relationship. As girlfriends we have chemistry in abundance, but in the D/d aspect of our relationship we have INCREDIBLE chemistry. We are both bubbling with hypotheses on why this works for us and wish to share a little glimpse of it to the world!
Our slight variations in the spanking interest make us perfect matches. Audrey is one of the few people in my life I feel absolutely submissive to…and protected by, cared for by, and loved by her as well. Even when she’s spanking my bare bottom.

Do you plan to take over the spanking world?


Well! I guess we’ll see! We’re gonna do a little dance and see who watches, I suppose! 😉

I’m watching! :shock:

By the way, have you ever considered moving to Massachusetts and becoming an assistant editor at The Cherry Red Report? Bring Audrey as well of course….


Hmmm….depends on the job’s benefits! I wouldn’t ask much. I require daily massages (special attention to the sore glutes), homemade desserts, and lots of little surprise gifts!
And you’d have to be my whipping boy for when I’d get in trouble with Audrey at the office. If that’s the case, then it’s a done deal!
Let me give that some serious thought. Umm.. OK…you are hired!

The over-the-knee photo at the top of this post is so deliciously yummy. The bright colors bursting, bottom ripe and arched. Perfect positioning, the outfits, your expression. Can you tell us the story behind it? She looks like your boss or something….
On our site, which we’re slowly realizing we’re going to have to make more clear, Audrey and I play out our actual dynamic, as girlfriends. She’s just gotten home from work. And I’d been wasting away the day, neglecting the few household chores I’m in charge of. You can imagine the comeuppance for that!
I‘m imagining it right now…..errmmm……..OK *focus Dave. Focus!* OK I’m back. Quite sorry.
On a side note, I can not tell you how much I love those striped pink socks in the main photo on your site–why are socks so darn hot?
They just are, Dave. They just are.

Agreed. Thank you for your time Abigail, and best of luck to both of you with Spank That Brat.

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