It’s Needed

you need spankingCherryredtastic graphic seen all over the Interwebz. This was also turned into a greeting card as well.

In other news, stay tuned for a spotlight feature on Sarah Gregory’s brand new domestic discipline site Momma Spankings, also available via her better valued 2-site pass.

Speaking of Sarah, she is the latest spanking starlet to get her backside lit up on Chelsea Pfeiffer’s smokin’ hawt Good Spanking site.

On the literary front, author Renee Rose has a new sizzling spanking romance title: check out an excerpt here.

I Like Him….But…

*  *  *

On the editorial front, an interview with the mesmerizing Ludella Hahn, who recently debuted on Sweeties, is currently on-hold, as I’ve not heard back from her, as of yet…perhaps my fascinating questions scared her off?!

* * *

Looking for a spanktastic gift idea or whatnot? Check out a few thrilling new products over at Cherry Red Report’s Fine Apparel Store of Exclusive Undergarments and Such.

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Perv on over and check out the spanking vids playing on-demand at CherryRedMovies: spanking films streaming on-demand

Random Hawtness

[I’m not sure where this pic is originally from….but it’s yum.]


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