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Yummy new vid playing over at Punished Brats, featuring misbehaving Audrey breaking curfew and facing the traditional behavior modification styles of Alexis Steele:

A few other recent highlight from P-Brats:

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Tight Ends

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Now playing from Clare Fonda: the ever sassy Riley, the latest sweetie on Spanked Sweeties, gets her comeuppance over Momma Clare’s seasoned lap…with badgurl Riley as the naughty daughter hopefully learning a lesson. [In a soon to be released scene, Riley’s Daddy comes home and is none too pleased.]

Clare Fonda spanks a badgirl on Spanked Sweeties*   *   *

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Tight Ends; And Cherry Red News

[Original source: I think this is from X-Art]

In the cherry red editorial pipeline: Stay tuned for a forthcoming Q&A with the legendary Amber “Pixie” Wells of Punished Brats fame. 

Amber Pixie Wells spanked otk with the hairbrush

And hopefully, we hope to feature an interview with fetish star Mei Mara, who shot recently with Chelsea Pfeiffer’s hot Good Spanking site. 

Also, there will be an upcoming supah’ fun caption contest sponsored by the inimitable Clare Fonda.   Speaking of Clare, my spanky sources tell me that the strikingly delicious Dani Jensen [pictured below] will be thankfully back again over Clare’s seasoned lap in the Spring, perhaps on the Spanked Sweeties site.

Dani Jensen spanked by clare fondaWe’ll have to see if other Sweeties stand-outs like Shay Golden and Alexis Grace will be back as well. . . . .

dani jensen spanked by clare fonda on spanked sweeties**More info and pix of Dani Jensen can be seen in this post here.

What else is cookin’ ? Hmm, well, my editorial assministrator is working on posting a Rosaleen Young bloggy-style pictorial tribute featuring some lesser seen Rosaleen pix. . .as well as forthcoming info on Spanked in Uniform’s new “Whippingsham Secretarial College.” As you can see below, Spanked in Uniform’s chief disciplinarian, Mike, has a very tough job.  But someone has to do it.

Ready for a sizzling spanko shindig in Spain?  I thought so. The good people at The London Tanners are organizing a mega spanking party in Spain(!) in 2012.

No one squirms quite so, errm, well, explicitly as the gorgeous Kelly Wilson on Sound Punishment. Fortunately she’s back once again receiving her comeuppance via some glowing cherry reddening treatment.

In apparel news: Still bummed you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? Check out the exciting Spring/Summer line of CherryRedWear.

Lots of spanktatic cherry red news from Firm Hand Spanking [click here for preview videos and photos], including fever-inducing tannings starring Amelia Jane [pictured below], Alison Miller, et al.

amelia jane rutherford spanked otk

When Girl Guides [aka Girl Scouts] go bad, a sound tanning seems to be just the ticket for better behavior, as evidenced by the fabtastic image below. Click here for a hot Triple A Spanking preview gallery featuring naughty Girl Guides Jenna and Taylor.

Take a look at spanking erotica pioneer, Eve Howard of Shadow Lane fame, coming out from behind the camera for the first time ever, if I’m not mistaken, and getting her spank on in the new film “Eve Howard’s Disciplinary Reviews.”  Click on the graphique below for more Shadow Lane red-bottomed goodness. . . . .

shadow lane spanking videos on-demand

Tight Ends


Gorgeous model in bikini panties, bottoms up on the bed

[Original photo source unknown.  File under: Mmmmm]

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