Caption Contest Winner; Plus A Spankload of Cherry Red News

Lots of wicked cool and super fab entries were submitted in the latest cherry red caption contest, kindly sponsored by Clare Fonda. Thanks to all !

And the winner is “Imreadonly2” for the following caption, who wins a 1-month supply of SpankedSweeties. Congrats and stay tuned for the next contest!

Claire: “Ommmmmmmmmmm….”
Alanah: “I don’t care what the Dalai Lama says. These ‘Buddhist Meditation Spankings’ are for the birds.”

alannah rae and clare fonda on spankedsweeties*  *  *

And now it’s time for Cherry Red News……….

*  *  *

In spanko publishing news, there is a cool new “Spanking Handbook” that feature articles by an array of spanking enthusiasts and top-notch bloggers. You can read more about the e-Book in this write-up on Poppy St. Vincent’s blog.

*  *  *

Clover and Leandra cause some serious mischief over at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital on Spanked in Uniform. Blazing hotness ensues.

*  *  *

Several BadTushy spanky vids are now available at for instant on-demand viewing at CherryRedMovies, featuring some sizzling scenes with Ms. Fransesca Le, Ms. Law, and Continue reading “Caption Contest Winner; Plus A Spankload of Cherry Red News”

Cherry Red Interview: Amber

She’s won The Cherry Red Report’s “Rookie Tushy of the Year” several years back. She’s been featured in magazines ranging from Maxim to Hustler.

And this glamorous, ravishing red-headed vixen, Amber, whose retro pin-up style beauty induces awe, is also, praise be the Gods, a life-long spanko with a taste for cherry red, glowing hot bottoms — both as a squirming miscreant as seen on her SpankAmber site, and luscious spanker as well on her highly erotic, explicit Amber Spanks site.

Anyway, it’s been a while since CRR featured Amber, so we chatted to see what’s up in Amber’s world.

Thank you Amber for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. Been a while since I’ve featured you on this blog–how have you been?

I’m having a blast!

I see you are doing lots of webcam model work–I’m very curious what that Continue reading “Cherry Red Interview: Amber”

Amber’s New Site, Panty Collection and More

It’s been a while since The Cherry Red Report last checked in with Amber, of SpankAmber fame, so we thought we’d chat briefly with this delightful red-bottomed redhead to see what’s new.

In interviewing Amber, who won The Cherry Red Report’s coveted “Rookie Tushy of the Year” award last year, I learned there’s a lot more news to report than I had thought.

In fact, she just started a F/f sister site called AmberSpanks,  where she gets her delightfully devious Domme on.

And you will also learn about her prodigious collection of 300(!) pairs, and counting, of panties, and also her goal to take her spanking kink on a worldwide tour. This is why I love Amber. You will also see a very high-quality preview video on her main site that is both a naughty flirtatious tease, mixed in with quite hot spanking.

Amber is as real as it gets and revels in the eroticism of spanking. This ravishing redhead started taping their kinky, erotic and disciplinary spanking adventures just for fun, and then seemingly on a lark, decided to share it with the world and turn it into a successful Internet venture.

**Hi Amber. How are you doing these days?

Things are great!

**Since you launched your SpankAmber site not too long ago, how is it going in terms of growth and success?

Continue reading “Amber’s New Site, Panty Collection and More”

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