Ivy Sherwood Debuts on Spanked Sweeties!

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ivy sherwood spankingBeautiful petite stunner Ivy Sherwood makes her dynamic debut on Spanked Sweeties, with the unstoppable Lana Miller playing the Mom, and re-enacting several of Ivy’s spankings at home.

Ivy is also candidly interviewed about her spanking experiences growing up and currently.  Hard-spanking Lana Miller recently starred in the latest Exclusive Education series called “Cheerleader Camp.”  These sites are also avail via the better-valued multi site Clare Pass.

For more info, surf on over to Spanked Sweeties: Old-Fashioned, Traditional Domestic Discipline, Panties Down!

spanking site Spanked Sweeties

FYI:   Other notable and gorgeous ebony spankettes would be the recent debut of “Cupcake” on Spanked Sweeties; superstar spankee Danielle Hunt; the delightful Rihanna who rocked on Sweeties; Don’t forget spanking starlet Lola Marie, who has worked tons of red-tailed companies; There was also naughty Michelle Miller in 2012 getting her spank on at Sweeties; and this just in, you must check out gymnast Anna Grant showing off her pert and tight ebony bottom in a brand new series.

Brianna’s Bun Blazing & Cyberpunk’s Comeuppance

spanked sweetiesPlease welcome Brianna Brown as the least Sweetie to be featured, and interviewed candidly, on Spanked Sweeties! ^_^


You can also get yourself hooked up with SpankedSweeties via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.  Check it out!

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In PunishedBrats red-ass spanking news, they have released another sizzler that’s now avail for Instant viewing, streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies called “CyberPunk Punished.” Newbies to this on-demand service can try out 10Min for Free.  🙂 🙂  This latest cherry-cheeked release features sassy minx Penny Stone as the delightfully spankable miscreant.

punishedbratsAnd don’t forget to check out streaming on-demand other P-Brats wicked hawtt spanking releases including the domestic deliciousness of  “Strict Stepmother” vid and also the stern tanning over at  “Aunt’s House.”

Check out what’s streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies. New users? Watch 10 minutes for free Instantly.


The Purple Viper Vs. Mr. Brushy! And Elektra Rose Debuts on Sweeties!

spanking toons
Intriguing hot-off-the-press and brand new illo by the unstoppable Spanking Toons!


Speaking of Mr. Brushy and old-fashioned maternal domestic discipline, do check out the newest Sweetie over at Spanked Sweeties: Elektra Rose!  Ms. Rose gets her first ever real spanking live on video 🙂 And you can get yourself hooked up with Sweeties as well via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.  Yup!

elektra rose spanked sweeties

Artistic Tribute to Fetish Star Odette Delacroix

Lovely new toon-tastic tribute by the unstoppable SpankingToons to fetish, and spanking starlet, Odette Delacroix, who debuted with SpankedSweeties back in 2012.  She’s also starred in some adult films as well.  And check out a free spanking gallery of Odette on SpankedSweeties.

odette spanking fetish model

Uh Oh….

chloe love spankedsweetiesSometimes just one simple picture tells the entire story.  Above is the beautiful Chloe Love, who has that intriguing girl next door look, about to have a memorable discussion with Dad’s belt, over her short-shorts and bare backside.  Only at Spanked Sweeties.  

Seems to be many wicked hot models named Chloe; for example, the legendary Chloe Elise.  Then of course, we have new Sweetie Chloe Amour.  Take notes, my spanky peeps–there will be a quiz later.  ^_^

P.S.  Sweeties is also avail via the multi-site Clare Pass.

P.S.S.  Stay tuned for a forthcoming, very special cherryred spotlight article on “Cheerleader Camp” — a delicious new video featuring eight(!) hawt models, playing now at Girl Spanks Girl. 🙂 🙂

Got Chloe Love? A SpankedSweeties Spanking Debut!

Spanked Sweeties.
Chloe Love gets punished by Dad and Mom in the latest old-fashioned spanking update at SpankedSweeties.  For fans of tiny short-shorts, this is a must-see.

Yet another super cute Chloe! Recently we had the exquisite Chloe Amour debuting on Sweeties, and continuing that theme, this just in: the latest hot-off-the-press SpankedSweetie is the beautiful Chloe Love, making her pro spanking debut — though she’s no stranger to a tanned hide it seems…..There’s also mouth soaping in this update, Daddy’s belt, tiny daisy duke shorts, and more cherryred hotness. 

chloe love sweetiesPlus Chloe is interviewed in detail about her real-life spanking experiences.  You can also get yourself hooked up with Sweeties via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.  YES!

For more Chloe Love, surf on over to Spanked Sweeties: Old-Fashioned, Traditional Domestic Discipline, Panties Down!

spanking site Spanked Sweeties

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