Amelia Jane Rutherford’s 6 Reasons NOT to Wear Panties

amelia jane rutherford

As has been previously reported in a recent must-read cherryredreport feature, the always beguiling and legendary fetish superstar Amelia Jane Rutherford discussed her propensity for not wearing panties.  So you see, we simply wanted to know more.  As this topic certainly fascinates.  We here at cherryred HQ asked Amelia, and she kindly responded with the following guest post.  [As always, dear readers, your comments are greatly appreciated and encouraged!]

1) OMG, if you have to get naked in front of people you’ll have underwear marks unless you go without panties! I go without bras too, but that seems to shock people a bit less. I have to get naked at work a lot, so it’s actually out of huge respect for the people who Continue reading “Amelia Jane Rutherford’s 6 Reasons NOT to Wear Panties”

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