Get Your Literary Spank On: Three New Non-Fiction E-Books

Heaps of fresh news on the literary spanking front my spanky peeps, for you red bottomed bibliophiles. 

Are you often mystified by the enigma enclosed in a paradox that is a spanking Top’s mind? The unstoppable Devlin O’Neil has a new e-book, his first non-fiction book actually, tackling this cerebral topic, thusly entitled “Spank Her: A Top’s View of This Thing We Do.”

>>Check out Loki Renard’s review Here.

According to the description, “….Spank Her! is an informative, fast-paced, light-hearted romp through Devlin O’Neill’s, more or less, real life world.

“Part opinion piece, part sociological treatise, part psychobabble mega-essay, this book rips the tear-away knickers off the shadowy realm that is consensual adult spanking in the 21st century, with a smile, and a wink, and a kiss on the bottom.”

*  *  *

Cassandra Park spanking bookIf you are looking for the bottoms view of our cherry red hobby, do check out Cassandra Park’s recently released e-book “It’s Supposed to Hurt: Volume 2.”

As the description notes: “Ms. Cassandra Park returns with more fiction, fantasies, and essays … this time from the bottom point of view. [The e-book] includes four short stories, selections of her writing from 2007-2012, pictures, and two special guest opinion pieces.

“You’ll find Sandy’s no-holds-barred look at submission, pain & fear, punishment & discipline play, attending parties, the spanking community, and life in the world of BDSM.

“If you liked Volume I, which was written from the top point of view, “It’s Supposed to Hurt! Volume II” We need to have a little talk…” offers a peak into the mind of Ms. Cassandra’s alter ego.”

*  *  *

new spanking bookSpanking author Vivian has just released an intriguingly titled new e-book out called “What He Wants: A Man’s Seven Secret Spanking Desires.” Vivian is also the author of “How to Get The Spanking You Want” and also the instructional “How to Give a Spanking.”

Vivian writes in her introduction to the book: “Building on the material in the first two books, ‘What He Wants’ contains a powerful and near-magical secret to maintaining a successful spanking relationship.

“It’s a simple, but profound, secret that can turn your partner from a reluctant participant in your spanking desires into a passionate partner who loves to spank you as much as you love to be spanked.”

*  *  *

In other literary news, I have been informed that BlushingBooks is actively seeking talented writers in the F-M spanking fiction genre.  For more info, contact koreymae [at] blushingbooks [dot] com


Literary Spotlight: Red-Cheeked Erotica

Literary lovers and butt-bongo enthusiasts unite.

Erotica writer, anthologist and all-around spanko Rachel Kramer Bussel is publishing an eclectic collection of stimulating spanking short stories called “Spanked: Red Cheeked Erotica.” Out in late July, you can pre-order a copy at Amazon and other fine bookstores near you. While this blogger has not read an advance copy as of yet, the wide-ranging collection looks like a potpourri of spankerotica to pleasure one’s pervy palate.

The book features 20 different writers such as top-notch novelists Fiona Locke and Alison Tyler, just to name a few ones I recognize.

Just like the pro publishers tend to do, there’s an entire blog devoted to promoting and generating a buzz on this book — and the blog offers insightful interviews with some of the book’s contributors which I found quite fascinating to read.

However, Ms. Bussel is no stranger to spanking erotica as she has previously edited two volumes of “Naughty Spanking Stories, From A to Z.” And a sequel to this latest spankfest is a possibility for 2009.

[On a side note, one of the finest new writers I’ve seen on both the spank fiction and also non-fiction front is the immensely talented Abby. Check out her unique blog and show her some love.]

[For yet more books on spanking, click on over to the Cherry Red Book Shop, powered by Amazon, which has scores of spanking fiction, art, etc.]

Anyway, below is the complete Intro to the “Red-Cheeked Erotica” book to give you a taste. Excerpt from “Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica” (Cleis Press).

Introduction: “A Fantastic Kind of Pain”

Just as I have a seemingly endless capacity to bare my ass and get it smacked soundly or make a squirming bottom hover on the edge of erotic oblivion with loud, ringing, stinging whack after whack, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading stories about spanking.

There was a time when I wasn’t sure I could say that; after all, just how much is there to say about bending over and letting a firm hand connect with a pertly offered-up bottom? Or striking a pretty pair of buttcheeks so well the person beneath you moans in ecstatic agony? Well, as I’ve learned while editing this collection, there are an infinite number of ways to talk about the pleasures of getting spanked or spanking someone. While the actions may look alike, we all experience them differently and have different motives for indulging in this beloved kinky activity.

Me? I get off on just thinking about bending over for that special someone. Maybe I’m wearing panties, and only part of my bottom is visible. Maybe I’m not, and my spanker can see everything, including my wetness. I get wet at the mere

Continue reading “Literary Spotlight: Red-Cheeked Erotica”

Book Spotlight: Fiona Locke’s "Over the Knee."

This popular spanking memoir by Fiona Locke [now in its second printing] perhaps may be the definitive book on our little kink — wonderfully written, intelligent, insightful, and erotic.

I must admit that I have skimmed the titillating passages (err…that would be the entire book!) but I have yet to do a regular, full-scale complete reading. So stay tuned for a complete review.

More info at the author’s website and the book is available through By the way, how wonderful is that book cover image? Word is that is Fiona on the cover.

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