Special Guest Blogger: Nick from Chicago Spanking Review on the Top 10 Spanking Scenes in Mainstream Comics


We are honored to feature a special cherry red guest columnist: Nick from Chicago Spanking Review, who runs, in my opinion, the very best collection on the Interwebs of spanking scenes in mainstream comics.

What makes it super cool is that his site, updated weekly, features insightful commentary and historical background on each of the comic panels [which are presented when possible in stunningly hi-res scans], making it an invaluable resource for any spanko. In addition, the website features an exhaustive, searchable comics database; amazing galleries; cool forums and more cherry red awesomeness.

So I thought that I’d ask Nick if he would like to be a guest blogger and write up a list of his top 10 best spanko scenes in mainstream comics…and here it is. Thank you very much Nick!  **Your comments and feedback and welcome and appreciated as always** 🙂

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As a longtime reader of CRR, I’m very pleased that Dave offered me the chance to write a guest column on the subject of the top ten spankings in mainstream comics.

Of course, it’s not possible to establish totally objective criteria for such a list, but I’ve done the best I could to select examples that would appeal to a general audience (not just comics buffs) and which represent a number of comics genres.  The historical importance of characters and creators was therefore ignored in favor of these criteria:

**Mainstream – required that worthy candidates like Mr. Monster and The Paddler were passed over in favor of more widely recognized characters.
**Maintaining a balance between books and strips.
**Adult M/F or F/F only.
**Romantic sparks and/or humbling the arrogant was given preference to truly bad girls getting punished.
**Attractive positioning and/or good execution (we don’t always get both, although we’d like to).

So without further ado, here are my picks.  These are all on a par and are not ranked in order:

10. Captain Easy in Wash Tubbs –   Roy Crane had two great strips, Buz Sawyer and Wash Tubbs (& Captain Easy), and they both had great spankings!  This is the earliest known of at least five in Captain Easy.  Good OTK position and spanks so vigorous the spankee holds her stinging bottom afterwards – “He geef me the spank!”  Yes, he sure did!


9. Smilin’ Jack spanks Cindy and Cherry – Zack Mosley’s hero should have changed his name to Spankin’ Jack after delivering at least five spankings, including this unusual double-spanking of Cherry and her mother Cindy.  When was the last time you saw a mother and daughter spanked at the same time?  Mosley’s spankings always looked as Continue reading “Special Guest Blogger: Nick from Chicago Spanking Review on the Top 10 Spanking Scenes in Mainstream Comics”

Vintage Beach Brat Butt Blistering

Excellent gem of a vintage, perfectly-positioned bottoms-up over-the-lap comic, from Charlton Comics, which was recently posted on Chicago Spanking Review, which has one of the best selections of vintage comix (with highly informative commentary) that I have seen.

I think it’s terribly exciting seeing a great illo, especially a vintage one, for the first time.

The drawing is quite sexualized and wonderfully rendered, with a look of shock (delight?) on the pigtail-wearing teen brat, whose perky behind, encased in delicious bottom-hugging yellow pants, could not be any more perfectly arched!

And the chiseled spanker looks like he’s no stranger to doling out the occasional cherry red spanking.

Here’s what the Chicago Review had to say about this intriguing illo:  [and please let me know your thoughts.  Feedback and comments are always welcome and encouraged.]

Here we have another spanking from a romance comic book, this time Teen-Age Love #57 (Jan. 1968). This one, like For Lovers Only #73 (in the comic gallery here ), was published by Charlton comics. Although not on the cover, this spanking also takes place on a beach, but is better-composed and more erotic – in fact, it fairly sizzles! The positioning is basically standard OTK, but the man is shirtless, there is marked submission in the girl’s pose (arm relaxed, no struggling, legs apart, bottom willingly thrust out), and the effect lines suggest she’s really feeling the sting! There’s little doubt that after this incident, she will belong to the young man completely.

The Art of The Spank

I do love unique spanking illustrations. Below is an intriguing fantasy piece, as seen on the massive art forum, Anime OTK. by talented artist “Klauth,” who perhaps is inspired by the imagined worlds of Tolkien or The Chronicles of Narnia. This striking illustration, which reminds me a bit of Frank Frazetta, is entitled “Hunter vs. Rogue.”

I’ve never seen anything quite like this….have you?

click images to enlarge

The Anime OTK forum has heaps of art and sketches (though many are of highly questionable taste and dubious artistic merit) ranging from polished pro illustrations to truly amateur-hour scribblings. Enter at your own risk! as I do find the illo’s with underage spankee’s quite distasteful. You’ll have to mine through some detritus to find some gems. I have posted two here I am digging.

Subjects range from squirmy domestic-style art to Japanese superheroes, video game characters, manga animation stuff, anime spanking, just about everyone and anything and anyone getting their spank on.

[One professional artist, Kami Tora, who is featured on the Anime forum, was previously featured and interviewed on The Cherry Red Report blog in an older post: Cherry Red Exclusive: The Art of Kami Tora.]

Another intriguing comic illo from the Anime forum [artist unknown.]

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