Why Does Spanking Turn Us On ? Written by Red Rump

red rump spankingWhy Does Spanking Turn Us On ? by Red Rump

Excellent article written by fetish artist and spanking enthusiast Red Rump, originally published by Simply Sexy.  Re-posted with permission.

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For spanking enthusiasts, even the mention of the ‘S’ word can trigger the libido. Spanking fetishes go hand

spanking art
Red Rump is one of the finest FM artists working today.

in hand with active imaginations — and as an artist, I believe that art is one of the most potent sparks to human imagination.

Put art and spanking into the same mix, and pow! It’s an ideal coupling, and spanking/corporal punishment artwork abounds in huge volumes, as even a casual search of Tumblr will demonstrate.

Why is there such a proliferation of spanking and C/P art out there? I suppose the question should really be—what is it about spanking and ritualized corporal punishment that appeals to some people on a sexual level? And I don’t believe that has a simple answer. It is often not a purely masochistic impulse.

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