Naughty Space Pirates Get Their Booty Punished

This original fantasy/sci-fi piece is by Italian illustrator “Klauth,” as seen on the art forum AnimeOTK, and features some unique pirate booty tanning in a domestic discipline, Mom & Daughter setting. And yes the are supposed to be pirates from outerspace who believe in old-fashioned behavior modification, with some high-tech assistance.

You will want to click on the image to enlarge and check out the details and some nifty visuals to ponder. Ever seen anything like this before ?

CLICK TO ENLARGE. Original Art by “Klauth”

Anyway, just when I think I’ve seen it all with this fetish, ya’ ain’t seen nothing yet.

Or perhaps you know you sometimes get a bit weary of it at times ? A little spanko burn-out? But then I see something completely fresh and original like the above illo, that captures the imagination and titillates the soul — and feeds the fetish.

I didn’t pick this fetish. I think it picked me. But it needs regular feeding. And great art, such as the unique visions of Klauth, works quite well.

Do you like this illo? Do you not like it? DON’T BE SHY MY FRIENDS. COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. If you haven’t noticed, I really love when folks leave comments and feedback. 🙂

[Like this artist? Another sizzler from Klauth was featured recently in the post called “The Art of the Spank.”]

[Editorial Note: This blog in no way condones the spanking and discipline of naughty, spoiled space pirate daughters by their old-fashioned space pirate Moms. Thank you.]

Cherry Red Exclusive: The Spanking Art of Jean-Philippe

**A Cherry Red Exclusive: Inside the Mind and Artistry of Jean-Philippe**

The Cherry Red Report has always been fascinated by the erotic and whimsical spanking artistry of JP (Jean-Philippe.)

JP, who also has a blog featuring more of his delightfully unique red-bottomed art, chatted with CRR about his inspirations and techniques.

Where are you from JP?
I was born and I live in Belgium. I speak French.

How long have you been drawing spanking art?
I drew without stopping when I was a child. When I was a teenager, I stopped this passion because I had in mind the other ideas. And I did not become a professional drawer. I rediscovered this hobby later during a long period of immobility.

What inspires you to draw? Where do you get your ideas?

I find my inspiration in my fascination for the femininity. I like representing women in all the range of feelings. I am also fascinated by the eroticism of the feminine body and by the buttocks especially.

The spanking thus became my subject of preference. My ideas come from everywhere, according to the atmosphere which I want to represent.

Are there other artists that influence and inspire you?

Certainly! but I have not a precise name. I do not look to redo the same thing as another artist. But I am a big fan of comic classic or underground — I love all form of drawings!

Your art also looks very fun and also sexy and erotic.

Yes. I believe that I draw the spanking in this way to make it more accessible, more understandable by everybody. Not only for the lovers of the spanking, but even my cute neighbour girl could look a them without being afraid!

Then for me, the spanking it is an act specifically of love but without sadism. And I hate any forms of violence.

Your art is focused primarily on female spanking females?
Yes, I like drawing femininity in all its forms. The drawing allows me to linger over details which are precious to me. The spanking involving M/f leaves me indifferent except when it is me the spanker.

Do you prefer to draw in color? or in black-and-white as your primary palette?

The color is new for me. I like the black and white drawings. Now with the color, I give a second life to my drawings and artwork.

Have you considered publishing a book of your wonderful artwork?

No. But why not? Due to having interviews, maybe I am going to have a editors in front of my door? 🙂 I have never wanted to make money with my drawings. On the other hand, I would like to make small exhibitions all around the world to have the luck to meet all the cultures which enjoy my art. I like the Web but on the Internet, it is an impossible thing to see the smiles and the eyes that shine in front of my drawings.

Thank you very much for your time JP, and keep up the wonderful artistry.

I hope to have answered in best! And I wish delicious moments of life to the readers of The Cherry Red Report!

*  *  *

Exclusive! Inside the World of EndArt

Armed with a skilled pen, a keen, creative sense of humor, a flair for the powerful eroticism of spanking, and an endless array of spanking scenarios, The Artist Known as “Endie” provides an eclectic display of spanking artwork on his popular site: Endart.
With paid membership, a spankophile will have a feast of imagery: brats. maids. superheroes. daughters. tv stars. supermodels. , etc. — all getting luscious tannings and exquisitely rendered spankings in every possible way imaginable.

In fact, the site boasts over 2,000(!) drawings. This is one artist who stays busy.

Fortunately, Endie was kind of enough to chat with The Cherry Red Report about his artwork.

Above is an exclusive drawing that Endie created for The Cherry Red Report.

Thanks for taking the time to give The Cherry Red Report’s readers some insight into you, your artwork, and the creative process. How did you get into drawing spanking imagery?

I have always been interested in drawing the female anatomy, and when you blend that with the eroticism of otk, it’s magic.

Where do you get your inspiration for your artwork and illustrations?

Mostly scenarios from members, or sketches I have seen over the years on television and in the movies. Pin-up photos are also a huge inspiration.

Your site features all sorts of intriguing scenarios–do you have a favorite scenario for an illustration?

Always been a sucker for a female bottom in tight jeans. That’s my favorite.

Your art has a great sense of humor–what are your thoughts on that?

The reason for the levity of the site, is that I found there was too much severity and darkness in most of the spanking websites out there. I have received a huge volume of feedback over the years thanking me for showing a bit of a “lighter” side to corporal punishment.

Who are some of your favorite artists within this genre?

Serpieri is my favorite, and I also like some of the work by The Spirit. Years ago Dan Rivera did a little strip called “Spanky Sal” and that was a big influence. I also have always been a fan of the strip “Oh Wicked Wanda” by Ron Embleton.

What are your future plans for your EndArt website?

At the moment, to just keep churning out work as long as it continues to be appreciated.

Have you considered publishing an anthology of your work?

Many have asked, and that remains to be seen…

Thank you Endie for your wonderful artwork, and for taking the time to talk with The Cherry Red Report.

Schoolgirls. Tightjeans. Daisy Dukes. Cheerleaders. Amazing.

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