Guest Columnist Lila Night: A Spanking Star’s Thoughts on Hand Spankings, Leather, Paddles, and the Cane

We here at Cherry Red HQ are delighted to feature the lovely fetish and spanking star Lila Night as a special cherry red guest blogger, discussing the pro’s and con’s of various spanko implements.

Where to find Lila? You can see her in butt-blazing action on RealSpankings and Real Spankings Institute, and check out her personal website at

Lila was also featured in a super cool, quite detailed interview on this blog Here. In addition, the beautiful Miss Betty from RealSpankings was interviewed as well Here.

[On a side note, you can view some of RealSpankings older material on-Demand on their studio page at CherryRedMovies.]

Thank you very much to Lila Night for taking the time to write this special guest blog post:

Written by Lila Night:

Instead of always diligently studying for school or finishing chores, I’ve put a lot of thought into spanking.

Recently, I’ve been thinking (critically, mind you) about the different types of implements and how best to use them in a given situation. And so, here are my thoughts on hand spanking, leather implements, wood toys, and canes, which, as groups, are the building blocks of a healthy spanko life.

First off, hand spankings. While not every person who dabbles in spanking ventures off into the territory of wild and exotic implements like fancy-handled canes and special-ordered paddles made from the wood of a particular tree only found in the depths of Laos, everyone who’s had a spanking, any spanking at all, has had a hand spanking.

Because even the toughest spanker still has nerves in his/her hands, the pain involved with a hand spanking, though sometimes significant, can still be endured by even the most nervous of first time spankers.

As such, it is often with a hand spanking that spankos first experiment with the wide world of spanking.

A hand spanking also offers advantages in position and spontaneity. Requiring no special equipment or specific positions to lessen the likelihood of an injury, the hand spanking Continue reading “Guest Columnist Lila Night: A Spanking Star’s Thoughts on Hand Spankings, Leather, Paddles, and the Cane”

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