Cherry Red Award: The Well-Red Weekly


We here at CRR HQ want to give a shout-out, and a special “Cherry Award,” to a highly intriguing and unique online spanking magazine: the wonderfully entitled “The WellRed Weekly.”

This periodically published electronic journal, brought to you by the folks behind the massive Library of Spanking Fiction, features a diverse array of thought provoking articles, interesting essays, informative reviews, research, recollections and interviews on our favorite topic of the cherry red variety.

Skimming through the WellRed Weekly feels like reading, say, The New Yorker magazine, if that magazine was run by spankos.

The articles are written by a wide array of talented contributors — and edited and organized by the inimitable “Flopsy” — the magazine’s self-described “Editrix in Chief” with design work by “Februs.” The magazine has a very active readership as there are frequent comments and feedback on the articles, which is super cool.

The breadth and diversity of the writing is terrific. You can peruse at your leisure through articles and essays such as “Spanking, Feminism, and Gender Roles,” “In Praise of the Razor Strap, “What Makes a Great Spanking Novel,” The Satisfaction of Self-Spanking” and heaps more cherry red goodness.

Visit the Wellred Weekly“Cherry Award” winner!

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