Dispatches from Boardwalk Badness Weekend

We are stoked to feature guest blogger Korey Mae Johnson, who also runs the spanking fiction site Stormy Night Publications, with her cherryred recollections of the recently held bun-blazing and sizzling spanking party, “Boardwalk Badness Weekend,” which added a delicious glowing hot hue to Atlantic City for several days. . .

boardwalk badness weekend spanking party

Cut it out,” my husband had been telling me since October, when I became acquainted with BBW (Boardwalk Badness Weekend), a good-sized spanking party held in Atlantic City, NJ every year.

I’d never come across any group that was talking with enthusiasm about a party so many months out from the event. It seemed like everyone was going and the three-day itinerary was already packed full with spanking events to attend. “Your expectations are too high,” Continue reading “Dispatches from Boardwalk Badness Weekend”

Special Cherry Red Guest Blogger Korey Johnson: A Wild Weekend at the Texas All-State Spanking Party

Party host “Tubaman” gives Sarah Gregory and Princess Kelley a well-earned spanking during the vendor’s fair. Sarah doesn’t seem to know how to talk him out of it. Image used with permission from Princess Kelley and from OTK_Sir (from the Ark Gallery).

We are jazzed to feature special guest blogger, Korey Johnson, of Blushing Books, who provides an informative and cherryredtastic account of the annual Texas All-State Spanking Party, which was held recently over four days in June — and record levels of heat were recorded that weekend in an already scorching hot Dallas, Texas.

Part 1

“Honey, you’re going. We’ve already spent a fortune on new underwear.”

My husband, James, wanted to go to the Texas All-State Spanking Party. He wanted to go last year, too, but I really, really wasn’t comfortable with the idea of putting my ass over a stranger’s knee.

I don’t care what past boyfriends have said about my ass; never in my life have I ever looked at my ass with anything less than absolute and utter loathing.

The new, fancy underwear was bought as a shameful ruse to make me feel better about showing my butt to strangers.

I knew nothing about spanking parties… nothing except that there is a lot of show-and-tell. I knew that partners spanked one or each other in front of others at the parties, and I knew that strangers spanked each other.

I’d spent five years talking myself into going to one. But as the minutes rolled closer and Continue reading “Special Cherry Red Guest Blogger Korey Johnson: A Wild Weekend at the Texas All-State Spanking Party”

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