Sarah Gregory: The Cherry Red Interview

Beautiful photo of Sarah Gregory by Gregory Giger 2009

We are thrilled to feature a cherry red interview with the striking spanking starlet Sarah Gregory, and we chat about topics ranging from her love of theatre, to her love of domestic scenarios; the psychology of spanking; favest implements; and more yummy topics of the cherry red variety.

Last year, Sarah launched her own website Sarah Gregory Spanking, which is updated 6 times a week, with Sarah doing all the directing and producing and most of the spanking, both on the receiving — and giving — end of things.

She has also been featured in some gorgeous modeling shoots, and worked with many of the key players in the spanko scene. In addition to her own site, you can view some of her other shoots on-demand at CherryRedMovies.

[Sarah also wins a “Cherry” award for fastest ever response to interview questions sent via email: 57 minutes! wow. In contrast, one spanko star, who shall remain nameless, sent me her responses about 1 year after I had initially sent my queries…!]

Thank you Sarah for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. So how is everything going with your new site, Sarah Gregory Spanking? and I’m wondering what sparked your decision to create your own website?

Well, I had been doing spanking videos for so many other sites and I thought, well I can do this, I can do my own site. I loved the creative side and helping to come up with the plots so much. I had so many ideas and wanted to use them.

I also had been taking some video editing courses and photo editing courses at college and found that I liked that too, so why not put it to use making more money. Plus, I needed a full time job and just working for other sites was not bringing in enough of an income. Modeling is my full time job. A lot of the other models have other “vanilla” jobs, but for me, this is it.

Do you receive any interesting/unusual requests from fans?

Sometimes. Not as much as other producers I know. I guess it is because I am still new. I Continue reading “Sarah Gregory: The Cherry Red Interview”

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