“Yanko Spanko” Vintage Cigar Label from 1898


Info from Heritage Auctions: “Yanko Spanko Cigar Inner Label Proof by F. Heppenheimer’s Sons. What good stuff for the patriotic smoker of 1898!

“Uncle Sam, wearing a sailor’s cap and defiling the Spanish flag, spanks a mutton-chopped embodiment of Iberian imperialism. Simultaneously in the background, the U.S. Navy metes out punishment to the Spanish fleet.”

SpankoNormal Activity: Movie Parody; And CherryRed News

[Movie poster parody of “Paranormal Activity” that I threw together, just for fun.]

*  *  *

Alexis Grace gets her daisy dukes-clad bottom cherry reddended...

You know, it’s tough, but, well, I can’t decide which is Clare Fonda’s best otk spanko short-shorts scene among this tushy tanning triumvirate: this classic with Alexis Grace or the lovely Brynn Tyler one or the recent Shay Golden masterwork. Will be doing more assministrative analysis on this.

*  *  *

What sparked the demise of the long since defunct sex + spanking outfit Far East Media? [Yummy screenshot above is from this wicked hot vid starring adult starlet Kittie.] Well, fortunately, the cherry redness lives on — you can watch 22 of their vids of epic hawtness on their Far East Media studio page at CherryRedMovies. I do wonder, for example, what Brandy is up to nowadays. . .

*  *  *

Attention! You’re in the army now, young lady! Very cool update from SIU: Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford play 2 new military recruits….

….who learn a few valuable lessons about military discipline on Spanked in Uniform.

*  *  *

BadTushy hits a homerun with this “caught texting in class” scenario….

…in which a young miscreant ignores her teacher’s warnings and foolishly texts her boyfriend in the middle of class. When your teacher is the legendary hard spanker known as Ms. Law, you know your in for some serious discipline. Watch the full vid at BadTushy.

*  *  *

Whoa. Look at those shorty-shorts…hawtness. Adult film star Tara Lynn Foxx gets some much-needed over the knee attention…..

….from the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer on her delicious site GoodSpanking. [You can also watch heaps of Chelsea Pfeiffer red-ass spanko action On-Demand here at CherryRedMovies.]

*  *  *

I have not visited Asian discipline site CutieSpankee in quite a bit and that’s an….

…and oversight on my part, as the site has some luscious vids and free samples, and I find the cherry red imagery at CutieSpankee quite spanktastic. Especially the image above.

*  *  *

The combination of a good paddling and skin tightttt jeans, you see, always gets my attention. On Firm Hand Spanking, the strikingly gorgeous redhead Alison Miller [Check out a Feb 2010 interview with Alison Miller] continues to bedazzle…

…and her pouty attitude sparks cherry reddening, and gorgeous posterior gets punished, paddled and spanked in every way imaginable.

*  *  *

Continuing my current Rosaleen Young obsession, check out Scene 3 of “Cheaters,” which is now playing at CherryRedMovies. Ros Young plays, what else is new, a luscious spankable brat…

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