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stepmom spanksPunished Brats has released a pulse-pounding, sizzling compilation film available for instant On-Demand viewing, “Strict Stepmother,” that is now streaming at CherryRedMovies, starring the hard-spanking fetish standout Julie Simone and the wickedly naughty spankette Tara. (New users to cherryredmovies can watch 10min for free, fyi).

julie simoneMisbehaving stepdaughter Tara’s beautiful bottom glows red hotttt in these scenes, as skirts get hiked up, panties and pj’s get peeled down by her scantily clad, no-nonsense StepMom.

For those that dig firm domestic discipline and scolding, you definitely want to check this vid out….And of course, the hairbrush is wielded in one of the scorching scenes, to great cherry-cheeked effect by stern Stepmother Ms. Simone.   And one of the scenes features Tara rocking some snug, super cute pajamas — and you can see her bodacious bottom beautifully wobble thru the snug material — love it!

(They’ve also released another bun-blazer that is also streaming on-demand, “What I Learned at My Aunt’s House,” which will be blogged up in a future post).

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Here’s the official description from Punished Brats:

Tara has a new stepmother and isn’t adjusting well. Julie has tried the nice approach but Tara keeps rebuffing her efforts to be friends. Julie decides a stricter demeanor is necessary in order to have a harmonious household. Julie knows that the only way to get through to a stubborn girl like Tara is with judicious application of hand and paddle.

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Stepmom’s Conversation: Tara declares that although her father may have married Julie, she did not and therefore doesn’t have to associate with her. She storms off to relax in a warm bath, but Julie is waiting for her when she steps out of the bathroom. She whisks away the snotty brat’s towel and tosses her over her knee and surprises her with a spanking.

2016646.2.4Wardrobe Change: Julie decides that not only is a change in attitude required, but a change in wardrobe too. She hands Tara a modest, juvenile style dress and orders her to put it on and then tidy her room.

Tara begrudgingly slips into the dress but chooses to curl up on the couch to rest instead of clean. Julie delivers a tough hairbrush spanking to her stepdaughter for not minding her.

Skipped: Tara gave herself a half day off classes and left after third period. Julie is home waiting for her and uses a narrow paddle to send a message to her stepdaughter that such behavior is unacceptable.

Hang up Now: Julie wants her stepdaughter to help her prepare dinner but Tara refuses to get off the phone. Julie remains calm, hangs up for her, and informs her that she will be spanked before the night is through.

Shortly before bed, Tara sheepishly appears in her pajamas for her punishment5. Birthday Party Tara is displeased with every detail of her birthday party and is whining about it loudly in front of her guests. Julie takes the spoiled girl in another room, pulls up her party dress, and spanks her well within earshot of her friends.

Check out this hard discipline film “Strict Stepmother” instantly, streaming on-demand. New users? Watch 10 min for Free. 🙂

Also be sure to check out Punished Brats as well !

Mommie Severest! Stern Step Mom, Day 1

stepmom spanks
Sorry is just not good enough, young lady. “Stern Stepmom, Day 1” is playing now at Girl Spanks Girl.  And also avail via the better valued Clare Pass.

Following up on the success of the very popular “Governess Rules” series, in the latest bun-sizzler from the folks at Girl Spanks Girl, they are releasing a new Stern Step Mom series, starring the traditionally minded and famed fetish model Kordelia Devonshire and her errant and wayward and terribly naughty stepdaughter/cheerleader, played by the brat-tastic “Nikita.”  If this is only just day 1, what other panties-down, pulse-pounding, rump roasting hotness will the rest of the week bring? We shall soon find out.

Random side note, but, I think a dream-team match up for a future shoot would be Anikka Albrite over Kordelia’s lap.  Or Syren de Mer’s lap.  Just sayin’ . .Yet I digress. 🙂

BTW, the G spanks G site is quite fab, as you can also perv over and enjoy heaps of spanky vids, including the past 7 years of the mega schoolgirl bun-blazing red-ass fest: the legendary annual Exclusive Education series as well, in their archives.   (And if you want to see Kordelia Devonshire get her own bodacious buns blazed, check her out in the hawt film “Disciplining the Divas,” streaming on-demand…)

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GirlSpanksGirl is also available via the better valued multi-site Clare Pass.

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