A Good Strapping

You know, I’m not typically into bondage-y scenes, or S&M-ish scenarios or that sort of thing, you see, be that as it may, I find this butt-blazing scene from the long since defunct spanko producers Raven Hill quite spanktastic, in their release originally from I believe the late 1990’s entitled “Reform House Punishments,” playing now at CherryRedMovies. The perfect bottom. Her flowing hair flying about. Her delicious thong tan lines. A cherry reddening backside exposed and tanned with a well-oiled strap. Arched. Glowing. And that mysterious man peering through the window. . . .

Raven Hill’s description of this vid is quite enticing: “For even the slightest infraction, beautiful girls at this reform house are subjected to swift, stern punishment, consisting of hard, merciless, bare-bottomed spankings. New arrivals Cindy and Tina are rudely awakened in their quarters by seductive trustee Angela. Each is taken over Angela’s knee for strong, lengthy butt-warmings by hand and the application of a thick, wooden hairbrush.

“When more serious offenses occur, all three girls are stripped completely naked and fastened down to the reform house’s notorious spanking “X.” Once in place, these pretty young things receive cruel, strenuous belt lashings, coloring their delicious tight bottom-flesh deep reds and purples. The stinging makes each scream, beg and howl. And all the while, to make matters even more humiliating, a perverted onlooker leers at them from a secret viewing window.”

BTW…if you dig sizzling wet F/f explicit, erotic spankings, check out red-assed vid producer Scorched. Just watched some of their dripping wet release “Tough Lesbian Love, Part 2” and, damn, that’s hot.

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