Cherry Red Spotlight: Clare Fonda’s Strict Tutor

 clare fonda spanking film strict tutor

What up my spanky peeps? [I SO love that pic above.]

We here at CRR HQ wanted to take a closer cherry red look at the must-see 1950’s stylized, retro-themed spanking drama “Strict Tutor,” now playing on Girl Spanks Girl, and starring the tushy-tanning trifecta of Lilia Spinoza, Mary Jane and Veronica Ricci, and featuring the deliciously stern Miss Morgan — and, of course, the inimitable Clare Fonda.  BTW the film is also available via Clare’s multi-site pass.

In a nutshell, Clare plays a stressed to the max Mother who hires a delightfully firm Tutor, pictured below, armed with old-fashioned ideals in a possibly futile attempt to tame Clare’s willfully naughty daughters.

clare fonda spanking

>>>To whet your spanko appetite, you can enjoy a some fabtastic foto galleries from the film: Gallery 1.  Gallery 2Gallery 3.  And this one is my favest: Gallery 4.

Included below are some behind-the-scenes insights from Clare’s long-time lensman, as Continue reading “Cherry Red Spotlight: Clare Fonda’s Strict Tutor”

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