CherryRedMovies Guest Video Review: Amelia Jane Rutherford’s Strictly English Spanking


Amelia Jane Rutherford spanked otk

Written by Chuck, CherryRedMovies Guest Video Reviewer

The UK has long been noted for the discipline and decorum of the ladies raised there. Amelia Jane Rutherford is certainly a tribute to those ideals.

Regular spankings help to maintain order and discipline, and Miss Rutherford is seen here in one of her first videos, entitled simply “Amelia Jane Rutherford, Vol. 1.”   This release is from the producer Strictly English, available for instant on-demand viewing at CherryRedMovies.  [Editorial Note: This review takes a look at the first 3 scenes of the film, though the final schoolgirl scene is quite delicious.]

Part 1: The Audition

Amelia Jane Rutherford is omewhat new to the spanking scene in this older film, and soon garnered almost instant recognition as a star.

The first thing we see is Amelia Jane Rutherford discretely changing clothes to meet her spanker for an audition, and although obviously nervous, she tells us (in a cute and very cultured English accent) how she feels and what she expects.

Amelia Jane Rutherford spanking video

This production is shot in a documentary style, (spankumentary?) and takes us through the various stages of her preparation, an audition, and finally the full shooting of one of the most viewed spank vids of recent time.

The girl holding the camera is one of the production assistants, and takes the time to calm Amelia’s anxieties and to reassure her that this is an audition and that she is essentially in control of the spanking – the gent who will dispense the swats to her luscious bottom will stop if she asks him to.

Finally, after a bit of primping and girl-2-girl chat with the production assistant, it is time for AJR to proceed downstairs for her spanking audition. Strictly English does a nice job of offering the entire production (DVD length and quality) as well as breaking it up into scenes for those who prefer to jump right to the action.

The spanker is an experienced disciplinarian, and proceeds to take Amelia over his lap Continue reading “CherryRedMovies Guest Video Review: Amelia Jane Rutherford’s Strictly English Spanking”

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