When Superheroes Spank: Mystique Learns a Lesson

Hawt art by Palcomix, featuring superhero Mystique receiving some corrective measures.

mystique spanked palcomix

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In other news, stay tuned for a forthcoming Q&A with the legendary Clare Fonda! And see what the heck she’s up to nowadays.  In the meantime, enjoy a blog feature on my favest Clare spanking pix.

clare fondaBut that’s not all.  Also in progress is an exclusive feature with sizzling spankette Stevie Rose, featured below in a seriously ass-blazing shoot for Sweeties.

In addition, Stevie recently completed an awesome and wicked intense scene for Chelsea Pfeiffer’s GoodSpanking website.

stevie rose spanking
Time for the smackdown.  Stevie Rose gets her bottom lit up on Spanked Sweeties.

—–>Check out some more gorgeous spanking pix of Stevie Rose.

When Superheroes Spank: Magneto Punishes Mystique

magento spanks mystique

Love this!  Not sure who the artist is…though I think it’s from Palcomix actually. . .

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Stay tuned for a forthcoming post on what the legendary Clare Fonda is up to these days.  Here’s an example of one of my favest eva’ Clare scenes.

Also am working on a blog post idea with the unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer.

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In other news, I created recently an archive of cherry red interviews from the past 5 years — you can check that out Here.

When Superheroes Discipline: Wonder Woman Spanks Wonder Girl

Wonder Woman spanks Wonder Girl

Wonder Woman spanks Wonder Girl.

Beautiful new illo by Steve Reno — check out his page on Deviant Art. Log-in required.

According to Steve: “It seems Wonder Girl had taken the Invisible Jet out for a little joyride … Now it seems Wonder Woman is going to take a little joyride on WG’s backside!”

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