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Crime & Punishment: Illo by Oscar Schmidt

Batman always carries a bat-paddle on his utility belt, of course . . . ——->New users? Enjoy 10 minutes of spanking videos for Free. 🙂 Check out some Real Spanking classics playing on-demand at CherryRedMovies:

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WonderWoman Gets Her Spank On

Cherryredtastic illos by Palcomix. You simply don’t mess with WonderWoman.

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When Superheroes Spank: WonderWoman v. Supergirl

Gorgeous illo by “Steveoreno” *  *  * Fore more eye candy—–>do perv on over to the newly created CherryRedSpanking.com site, for heaps of free piccy galleries.

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Exquisite artwork by the unstoppable artist “Mr. Jer.”  The world needs superheroes. More than ever. . . . COMING SOON: A titillating tribute to Samantha Woodley; a flaming hot feature on spankee starlet Christy Cutie; cherry red exclusive interview with … Continue reading

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When Superheroes Spank: Spiderman

My spanko senses are tingling……Stunning illo by the amazing Palcomix.  That is, I believe, Firestar getting her fiery fanny flamed….

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When Superheroes Spank: Magneto Punishes Mystique

Love this!  Not sure who the artist is…though I think it’s from Palcomix actually. . . * * * Stay tuned for a forthcoming post on what the legendary Clare Fonda is up to these days.  Here’s an example of … Continue reading

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Supergirl Gets Her Spank On

Supergirl spanks the always errant Catwoman.  An intriguing and delightful photo by Paris-based fashion photographer Basilio Silva.

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