Classic Chloe Amour

The stunning Chloe Amour was a featured SpankedSweetie last year, spanked deliciously by the amazing Syren de Mer, so wanted to give Chloe the cherryred animated gif treatment…..And Syren de Mer is one of the best spankers in the biz, most memorably playing an extremely strict Governess on Girl spanks Girl.spanking gifSweeties is also avail via the multi-site Clare Pass.

We Want More Chloe!

sweetiesWe here at CRR listen to reader requests regarding more Chloe Amour, and so I captured some delicious screen-shots from this brand new, wicked hawt domestic discipline sizzler on SpankedSweeties, playing now, starring the super stern Syren de Mer (as the Mom) and the divine Chloe Amour (as the sassy daughter).

It’s a must-see.  And in case you missed it, check out a cherryred interview with Syren de Mer.

chloe amour(Chloe is also interviewed at length on her spanking experiences.)  Anyway, they are certainly a dynamic duo on-screen together! ^_^   Chloe’s backside is as luscious and truly spankable as one can imagine.  Too many amazing moments to choose, so made this tasty little collage.  Watch the full movie instantly at SpankedSweeties.

Also be sure to check out the latest bun-blazing film “Strict Aunt Jessica,”  wonderfully played by Clare Fonda, over at Girl Spanks Girl, featuring the hairbrush, cane, mouth-soaping and more, as well as naughty Ashley Rose and bodacious bottom.

clare fondaIn addition, surf on over to Spanked Call Girls, to see Veronica Ricci and Joelle Barros (pictured below) go at it and get their cherry-cheeked spank action on!

Joelle Barros spanked otk

**Heya my spanky peeps:  All sites mentioned in this post are also avail via the better-valued multi-site clare Pass.  It’s that easy.**

clare pass

Syren de Mer vs. Chloe Amour: Screen Shot ‘O The Week

Syren de Mer.  One of the finest Spankers in the biz. And the stunning and naughty and expressive and highly vocal Chloe Amour, getting punished over Mom’s knee.  It doesn’t get much better, for fans of old-fashioned domestic discipline.  Playing Now only at SpankedSweeties. You know what to do.

chloe amour spankedsweeties

Also avail via the better-valued Clare Pass.   And for more info, surf on over to Sweeties.

Latina Hottie Chloe Amour Debuts on SpankedSweeties!

chloe amour
Adult film star, and now spanking starlet, Chloe Amour. Exquisite.
chloe amour spanked
Wicked.  Hawtness.  Yes.  Chloe’s strict Aunty Veronica certainly knows how to get a message across via a sizzling, achingly hot and well-spanked bottom. Playing now only at Spanked Sweeties.

This just in:  Well my day just got awesome.  Latina smokeshow and adult starlet Chloe Amour just made her sizzlingly deliciously red-assed spanking debut on the domestic discipline site SpankedSweeties….

syren de mer spanks chloe amour
“But I’m sorrryyyyyy!” One of the finest spankers in the biz: Syren de Mer, as the firm Mom, goes to town on naughty girl Chloe’s beautiful bottom.  Pic kind courtesy of Sweeties.  And in case you mised this older post, check out a few quick Q’s with Syren de Mer–and more spanking pix, too.

In this update, naughty girl Chloe is punished & spanked by her wickedly firm Aunt (Veronica Ricci) as well as her no-nonsense, iron-handed Mom (Syren de Mer.)  Syren de Mer’s, the legendary Top in the must-see “Governess Rules” series, offers up a cherryredtastic performance as a strict Mom in this scene, wow — is she a professionally trained actor?!  Awesome.   Chloe is also candidly interviewed about her spanking experiences as well!  Also avail via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass. ^_^

chloe amour——>For more info and instant red-ass access, surf on over to SpankedSweeties! Or visit the multi-site Clare Pass to save some cash.

The Governess Reigns; And More Casey Calvert Please!

girlspanksgirlIf you haven’t seen it, surf on over straightaway to the always sizzling Girl Spanks Girl as the top-notch spanker Syren de Mer is back as the amazingly strict Governess, in the cherry-cheeked extravaganza playing now called “Governess Reigns!” — starring Veronica Ricci and Kay Richard as spoiled brats who get their comeuppance. They get spanked — and diapered! (Also available via the better-valued Clare Pass.)

governess reigns starring syren de mer
If you act like a baby, you get treated like one! Playing now at GirlSpanksGirl.

governess reigns syren de mer

casey calvert spanked over the knee

Smoking cigs and a bad report card will earn you a long “talk” with Mom.  We here at CRR have  been receiving requests for more pix of the stunning Casey Calvert, who stars alongside the legendary Clare Fonda in the domestic discipline film “Mother’s Concern” — and just like “Governess Reigns,” it’s also playing now only at Girl Spanks Girl.   Casey is simply drop-dead gorgeous.  And her hair, her cute socks and white panties, so delicious.   [And the forthcoming Part 2 will feature Casey in red drop-seat PJ’s getting the hairbrush!]  If you dig old-fashioned Mom/Daughter domestic discipline, it’s must-see TV.

casey calvert spanking filmClick on the jump for more Casey Calvert spank pix…

Continue reading “The Governess Reigns; And More Casey Calvert Please!”

A Few More Q’s with Syren de Mer

syren de mer spanking
Mother knows best…….Syren de Mer scolds and spanks, from left to right, Jenna Rose, Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards. Image courtesy of SpankedSweeties.

CRR shot a few more questions over to spanker extraordinaire Syren de Mer, who has wonderfully starred in pulse-quickening, wicked hot spank scenes for Girl Spanks Girl in the “Governess Rules” and “Returns!” series and most recently, for the domestic discipline site Spanked Sweeties, playing the strict Mom to naughty girl, and former Penthouse Pet, Jenna Rose, et al.  (These sites are avail via the better valued multi-site Clare Pass.)

What was it like working in this latest cherry-cheeked scene for Spanked Sweeties, featuring 3 brats at once: new Sweetie Jenna Rose along with seasoned spank veterans Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards?

It’s always a pleasure! I love Veronica and Kay! And having Jenna with us was icing on my cake.

syren de mer spanking

Indeed! When you are working with such a tantalizing triumvirate of tannable tails, how Continue reading “A Few More Q’s with Syren de Mer”

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