Sizzling New Film from Clare Fonda: A Mother’s Concern

There’s brand spankin’ new cherry red action in the film “A Mother’s Concern” playing now on Clare’s Girl Spanks Girl site!  [Also available via Clare’s better valued multi-site spank pass.]

clare fonda plays a strict mother spanking her naughty daughter

Here’s the scoop on this new film: Home from college for the summer, naughty girl Elise [btw making her triumphant return to the spank scene] doesn’t know what she’s in store for, when her Mom, played by a delightfully stern Clare Fonda, fortunately decides that the young minx is not too old, and is certainly quite overdue, for a sizzling panties-down, old-fashioned tanning.  Oh yeah, and mouthsoaping(!).

clare fonda spanking elise graves over her knee

>>>>Clare Fonda reveals the juicy tushytastic gossip: “We have a big video opening up on Girl Spanks Girl.  The film “A Mother’s Concern” stars Elise Graves as a schoolgirl in one of our traditional discipline features. Elise is naturally submissive and very petite but with a gorgeous bubble butt.”

“And she takes spanking after spanking from her Mother, played by me. We shot this video in a house with a long staircase and it is a pleasure to see Elise climb up the stairs full of shame with her panties down around her ankles. Elise is spanked with the hand, hairbrush and a ruler and even given a mouthsoaping. Welcome back, Elise! We have not seen her since the film Exclusive Education 5!” [EE5 was shot a couple years back.]

clare fonda spanking her naughty daughter

*  *  *

In other spanking news from Clare, there’s a new My Spanking Roommate gallery featuring Madison Young being spanked by Madison Martin in an authentic classroom setting.

Also, the beguiling Alice Wonder [pictured below] and delicious Naughty Nena are back after a short hiatus, once again getting properly thrashed by Clare on Spanked Callgirls and Nena continues to sass despite the power of the mighty hairbrush!

alice wonder gets a hairbrush spanking from clare fonda*  *  *

And finally, there’s a highly spankable new model on Spanked Sweeties by the name of Tracie.  Yup! So much spanko cherry red goodness.

clare fonda presents

All photos are courtesy of Clare Fonda.

clare fonda spanking

Spanked on Sweeties, Katherine St. James is Adorably Spankable and Delightfully Naughty

What’s up my spanky peeps? Autumn is in the air, leaves are falling and tushies are getting cherry reddened: Life is good. Several readers have asked for more piccies of the delightfully naughty, misbehaving minx by the name of Katherine “Kat” St. James, who recently debuted on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties.

I am most happy to oblige….enjoy.

[Katherine is also interviewed on Sweeties, and talks candidly about her real-life spanking experiences. . .]


You don't mess with Momma Clare, unless you want a smouldering backside. BTW I love Clare's facial expressions.


Hmm...tiny denim short-shorts don't offer much protection from Mom's sizzling and seasoned hand. . . .


I love those black bikini panties. Highly spankable.


"You are way overdue for some old-fashioned, over the knee discipline, Katherine. Am I making myself clear?"

>>>For more info, perv on over to Spanked Sweeties:


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Editors Picks

Spanko-Sexualizing The World

I just love “spanko-sexualizing” (I think I just coined a new word?) just about everything, including teasingly hot photos of sizzling hotties. My pervy brain always imagines some kind of erotically-charged tanning-toasting undercurrent among these types of photos. Especially when a thong-clad ass and a sudsy car cleansing is involved. Schwing. (click on pix for a closer view.)

If anyone would like to add in their own captions, that would be fab.

In addition to the legendary Kari Sweets at the top of this post, this beauty is Dawn Avril who has the cutest rebellious, naughty pout I’ve seen in recent memory — and who appears to be overdue for a little bit of butt-bongo.

Regarding Ms. Avril’s choice of skimpy underwear, I do know there are some thong haters in the house, at least according to the last thrilling survey I did on panties and spanking (The Cherry Red Report: Thongs vs. Bikini Panties: The Debate Rages On!), but don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

I have no probs with butt-floss.

Anyway, it’s obvious we see spanko everywhere, as many bloggers have already blogged about. That’s cool though, especially in light of a recent scientific survey (no joke) from Australia that says spanko’s are generally in a happier state of mind. Woo hoo! (More on this intriguing news story here: Bare Bottom Blog: Study finds Spankos are happier.

Now if only I had someone to play with! *sigh* My lap runneth empty. But that’s for another blog post.

So what’s next for us spankosexuals?
I say: World Domination.

p.s. As you can see, I do really dig pervy, squirmy… caring but ever old-fashioned Daddy and fresh, naughty daughter, spoiled teenagers, and various other spanking scenarios.

Say It Ain’t So, Sarah Jane Ceylon

The arrival of Sarah Jane Ceylon at Punished Brats certainly created more than a blip on spankophile’s radar screens — reactive and vocal and beautiful, and inked with some most unusual tattoos.

She did a handful of sizzling vids with Punished Brats, including “Virtual CP” with Sarah as a deliciously hot cheerleader…and “Rent-A-Mom,” with Sarah looking like the typical fresh, pouty tightttt-jeans clad naughty teenager, getting a good, old-fashioned Mom-style tanning — unfortunately for us spankos, Sarah apparently decided to return to more hardcore bondage stuff. Be that as it may. . . .

. . . . .Inside sources tell The Cherry Red Report that Sarah Jane may be coming back to do a few more videos with Punished Brats. Sarah Jane Ceylon, please come back, post haste! and pls bring your snug denims, cheerleader outfits, tight bikini panties, and whatever else you have!

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