Exclusive: Guest Blogger Karl Interviews Tiffany Scarlett

We are pleased to present guest blogger Karl Friedrich Gauss, who came up with the idea to interview the intriguing Tiffany Scarlet for The Cherry Red Report, someone with whom I was completely unfamiliar with until Karl wrote up this article and interview.

For more on Tiffany, check out Tiffany’s blog and also her recently launched paysite: Discipline Her, which includes a wonderful free video trailer.

Tiffany Scarlett

Karl informed me that Tiffany Scarlett is a young woman in her second year of college in the U.S., who I am told has a live-in disciplinary and mentoring relationship with a professor who teaches at her college.

Karl has been a frequent commenter on various spanko sites across the Interwebs and you’ve probably seen his threads on the reader’s forum on the Chross Blog.  Thank you to Karl and Tiffany for providing this very informative and highly detailed Q&A.

An interview with Tiffany Scarlett by Karl Friedrich Gauss

I’ve been fascinated by Tiffany’s story since she started blogging about it. I love that she’s so articulate about her feelings and her life, that she so wants to explore and understand what this desire for discipline and to be spanked is all about.

By any normal standard, Tiffany would be considered a paragon of virtue, and yet, until Continue reading “Exclusive: Guest Blogger Karl Interviews Tiffany Scarlett”

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