A Bad Girls Classic from Shadow Lane

A vintage tushy-tanning classic from Shadow Lane entitled “Bad Girls….Get Spanked” with a stand-out performance from the legendary Tom Byron. Also def. check out Tom tanning the hides of both Sarah Gregory & Kat. St. James in the similarly titled, yet extremely deliciously hot film “Bad Girls.”

Punished by Dad, Katherine Learns a Painful Lesson on SpankedSweeties

This just in: Quite a bun burner of a brand new Dad-Daughter scene on Sweeties. Katherine St. James apparently pissed off her Dad one too many times, in the latest blazing-hot scene on SpankedSweeties, featuring some damn hard spanking and a strict belt strapping that leaves Kat’s perky posterior blazin’ hot, glowing cherry red. . .[Sweeties is also accessible via Clare’s multi-site pass.]

For more Katherine, she also shines in such Shadow Lane films, featuring some seriously strict spanking, as Bad Girls and Brat Whack.

Kat St. James gets spanked by Dad on SpankedSweeties.comKat is rockin’ those cherry-red-tastic short-shorts and super cute panties underneath….though no doubt she will be sleeping on her tummy after this tanning.

>>>>>Check out a gallery from this shoot Here.

Katherine St. James spanked on SpankedSweeties.comNot clear if she’s learned her lesson as of yet over Dad’s lap. . . . .[BTW, Kat is also no stranger to being over Clare Fonda’s lap on SpankedSweeties.]

Kat St. James gets a spankingPeeling her diminutive daisy dukes down, Kat. receives her comeuppance across the seat of her snug bikini panties, offering little protection however. . . .

When she hears the belt coming off, Kat knows she’s in for it…….yikes. . . .

See all the pix and watch the complete video on SpankedSweeties:

Clare Fonda presents SpankedSweeties.com

*   *   *   *

P.S. Here are a few Kat St. James screenshots from the Shadow Lane films Bad Girls and Brat Whack both playing On-Demand now at CherryRedMovies.

Tom Byron spanks Kat. St. James in Shadow Lane filmThat is adult film star and spanko Tom Byron playing the firm Father above, and adult/fetish star Greta Carlson playing the traditionally minded Mom below. Tom Byron especially blisters her tight tail hard, via hand, hairbrush and strap.

The Top 10 Most Popular Shadow Lane Films Playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies

What up my spanky peeps. I love Top 10 Lists.

Thusly, we here at CRR HQ were curious to see the Top 10 most popular butt-blazing Shadow Lane movies that are playing now at CherryRedMovies.  Spanky biz pioneers Shadow Lane currently has close to 130 vids playing on-demand, and it’s always fascinating to see which titles resonate the most with spankos.

And we shall observe forthwith a few recurring popular themes: sex and spanking; mega compilations; romance, spanking and sex; lesbians spanking each other; lots of anal play; sex and cherry redness.  And sexy hawtness. Well, I say, it’s all good.

[I’m miffed that Amelia Jane Rutherford’s stand-out performance in the wonderfully named “As Tears Go By” is not in the Top 10!  I demand a recount.  OK well, it’s currently holding steady at #11. . . .]  I’m also surprised Double Feature is not in the Top 10, as the now legendary Georgia Gold scenes are among my all-time faves, and I posted a ways back a bloggystyle tribute to Georgia Gold, along with 3 tasty video clips.

And now, let’s take a closer look at the Top 10:

#1. No Ifs, Ands — Just Butts! Part Deux

shadow lane spanking videoCherry red enthusiasts love their mega compendiums and collections, and Shadow Lane is responding to the demand.  Part Deux features a mind-numbing 90 minutes of red ass goodness featuring 22 different spanky scenes.  No talk, no nonsense, just cherry reddening hawtness.

#2. Eve Howard’s Disciplinary Reviews

shadow lane spanking videoIn a brand new series, Shadow Lane founder Eve Howard steps from behind the camera for the first time in 17 years, and gets her spank on.  Fortunately two gorgeous hotties are on her naughty list with Eve playing a firm store manager in part 1, and a stern faculty advisor in Part 2.  Very cool to see Eve quite deliciously tanning some bodacious bottoms.

#3. The Doctor is In

shadow lane spanking videoFeeling feverish anyone? I heart doctor/patient scenarios and Shadow Lane gets a glowing Continue reading “The Top 10 Most Popular Shadow Lane Films Playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies”

A Few Quick Questions with Missy Rhodes


Father Knows Best: Missy Rhodes learns a lesson via a smouldering hot bottom.

As promised, here is a short ‘n sweet Q&A with the glamour/fetish/bondage model turned spanko star Missy Rhodes, who recently debuted on Clare Fonda’s flagship Spanked Sweeties site, which is also available via Clare’s better valued multi site Clare Pass.

In the scenes, Missy plays Clare’s mischevious daughter and gets a delicious dose of Momma Clare’s old-fashioned cherry red hued attention, in addition to getting man spanked as well. Adult star Tegan Summers even plays Missy’s sister in one of the scenes. Missy is also candidly interviewed about her spanking experiences.

Pro-shot glamour pic of the stunning Missy Rhodes

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with The Cherry Red Report. So I know you have done lots of glamour modeling and fetish/bondage work, as seen on your Tumblr blog, so how did you end up over Clare’s lap on Spanked Sweeties, quite deliciously I might add?

I ended up contacting them through FetLife when I was traveling out to LA and we decided to set up a shoot.  Now I shoot with them every time I make it out to LA.

Have you always been into spanking, or has this been a relatively new development?

I was never spanked in a sexual way or spanked by someone who had a fetish for it till I started modeling.  My first spanking shoot was intense and surprising to say the least.

What attracts you to the spanking fetish?

The sensation of receiving a punishment spanking is unlike anything else.  It’s euphoric but also painful, but I like giving spankings more than receiving.

How sore was your bottom after this most recent Spanked Sweeties shoot?

The last shoot I did with them was really, really rough!  My bottom was very sore and red after that.

What was it like working with Clare Fonda?

I love her!  She can give one rough spanking though. . .

I bet! How would you describe her spanking style?

Swift, sharp and very, very powerful.


Momma Clare gets her message across Missy’s skimpy jean shorts

In regards to your fetish/glamour/bondage modeling, who are some of your fav photographers to work with?

I work with so many amazing people it’s hard to pick any one out….

Do you plan to, I hope, shoot more spanking scenes with Clare?

Of course!  I’ll be shooting for one of their sites again soon, so look out for it. I’m on most of their sites now, so go and find my other videos…

Pro-shot glamour pic of Ms. Rhodes

I shall, I promise! What are some of your “vanilla” non-adult interests and passions?

I love writing, traveling and collecting records.

Finally, any other future plans and projects for Missy Rhodes that we fans should be aware of?

I’ve got lots of things in the works.  Follow my Tumblr blog and follow me on twitter @ontherhodes to see what I’m up to!

Thanks very much for your time and keep up the cherry red spanktastic awesomesauce.

>>>Visit Spanked Sweeties for more info on Missy and many more spankable sweeties. . .

I do not think I’m getting through to you, young lady…

A few more New spanking galleries from Clare Fonda’s spanking network:

Chloe Elise and Kailee

Veronica punishes adult film star Tom Byron

**Speaking of Tom Byron, be sure to check out the spanking world of Tom Byron.

Clare tans Tegan’s tail

Exclusive Education 6

Meet Kisa Corvin

Kat St. James

The Spanking World of Adult Film Star Tom Byron

The intersection of the spanking fetish and the world of mainstream adult film has always been a curious one. . .

Tom Byron

Be that as it may, it’s certainly superb to see a famous adult film star who apparently also enjoys gettin’ spanky with it: Tom Byron, who is in the Adult Video News Hall of Fame and has directed and starred in countless films since he broke into the biz in 1982.  Tom has filmed a bunch of steamy spanking films, including several with his own butt on the receiving end.

In his most recent spanking video pictured above, sassy lass Sarah Gregory and the always mischievous Kat St. James feel the wrath of Tom’s well-practiced hand, belt and hairbrush in Shadow Lane’s sizzling new release entitled Bad Girls, which is now playing on-demand at Cherry Red Movies, where you watch what you want. When you want. And you can try it for free. . .

Kailee learns the hard way.

Over the years, Tom has been no stranger to tanning backsides a most lovely shade of cherry red hawtness, as can be seen in his other butt-blazing work Here.  The film pictured below stars a younger Tom Byron going for the rockstar look, and the stunning Virginia Lewis receiving a panty-warming, in one of my personal favs:

Below are several clips of Tom in action for your cherrytastic pleasure: simply click on the video for more info.  The first 2 are from the most recent Shadow Lane Bad Girls vid…..

Here are a few more classic vids clips from the earlier spanking work of Tom Byron — the first one is from the fab flick “Bad Girls Get Spanked.” Enjoy!

P.S.  This just in from CherryRedMovies: recently watched a yummy scene from the film Painful Cure from CalStar, starring a spanking therapist who takes his job quite seriously. Uh huh..more on this film later.

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