Juliet: Perfection Personified

Does perfection exist? Indeed it does. And the fine folks at PunishedBrats continue to prove that point, and show us why they are one of the best sites of its kind with very frequent updates, DVD’s, funny blooper reels, and much more. They embrace the fetish with fervor, and have a great time doing it.

I also highly recommend the terrific blog from the always wonderful and cute-as-heck Pixie, of PunishedBrats fame.

Anyway, they have bounced back from a potentially “catastrophic” computer crash, and released their latest perfectly delicious update, featuring several models including the strikingly spankable “Juliet” in “The Politics of Spanking, Part 2” and I must conclude these photos get 10 out of 10 cherries.

It is a somewhat rare occurence to find photos that combine all the elements we here at the corporate headquarters of The Cherry Red Report really cherish in otk imagery. As evidenced by these images, we have basically have all of them:

Stern, older spanker. the Uncle/Niece theme–domestic, yet erotic. The look of dismay on Juliet’s face…. Tighttttt jeans. Pony tail. Nice ‘n’ tight, cute bikinis panties. Panty positioning? Perfect. Tushy positioning? see above. Bottom? Cherry red.

More about this update from PunishedBrats:

Democrat and free spirit Juliet manages to push every one of her ultra-conservative republican uncle’s buttons. Uncle Tony has had it with her behavior and decides a hands on approach is the best way to deal with his bratty niece.

The images below are from the “Politics of Spanking, Part 1.” Hm…that skirt is too cute!

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