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In the latest from Bun Beating Fun, master bottom blazer Greg has been staying busy — his latest bodacious brat, Summer, has quite a bun blistering ride over his seasoned spanking lap….

Bun Beating Fun: hard spanking videos* * *

Sometimes, all a girl needs is a good spanking. Amelia Jane Rutherford learns a lesson or two or three over Sarah Gregory’s lap….

Amelia Jane Rutherford spanked over the knee* * *

Riley gets man-spanked via her Dad’s firm cherry-reddening punishment on Spanked Sweeties. Her delicious bottom jiggles and bounces quite delightfully, I must say. Riley is also interviewed in detail about her spanking experiences on the site. [Also avail via the Clare pass.]

Riley spanked by Dad on SpankedSweeties* * *

It’s time for Jasmine’s weekly maintenance spanking over at Triple A Spanking — featuring Jasmine’s lovely tushy, skimpy denim short-shorts, and perfect, taut, bottom-hugging panties.  And Jasmine’s reactions of pleasure are a pleasure to behold.  The high-def video quality on this site is awesome btw.  [Check out more preview pix in this yummy gallery.]

By the way, I can not wait to see Part 2 of this awe-inducing scene starring the mouth-watering Mishka.

* * *

Snow Mercy and Kay feel the burn of Clare Fonda’s hairbrush on Spanked Call Girls…. Also available via the better valued multi-site pass.

Clare Fonda spanks otk with her hairbrush* * *

On the fresh, new site Spanking Sorority Girls, Veronica Ricci gets spanked and paddled hard while the other pledges look on as Veronica’s bottom develops into the most lovely shade of cherry red.  Also available via the spanking network pass.

Veronica Ricci spanking over the knee* * *

Over at Punished Brats: “Just because Brittney is working for her cousin, that’s no excuse for her showing up to work in sweats and slacking on the job. Audrey decides that she needs to spank her cousin just like she did when they were younger.”

PunishedBrats, were naughty brats get discipline via hot spanking* * *

At the drippingly wet and hot Spank Sinn site, Chelsea punishes Sinn and Lily in the great outdoors, quite explicitly, I might add…mmm.  Extremely hot and erotic spankings on this site @@!

Sinn Sage punished* * *

Chelsea stays busy, that’s for sure.  Over on her flagship GoodSpanking site, the petite and perky Mei Mara gets a dose of Chelsea’s hairbrush, in addition to experiencing Chelsea’s vast implement collection.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks with her hairbrush* * *

Hot scene! A slumber party goes terribly wrong on Marked Butts….The iron-handed Kyle may be young, but he knows how to spank and spanks hard!

* * *

On English Spankers, Danielle Hunt refuses to get out of bed, displeasing her traditionally-minded Uncle, who wakes her up with an over the knee spanking and ass-up paddling on her hands and knees, with all the naughty bits on display.  Terribly embarrassing and painful.

Danielle Hunt gets spanked

Spanking Videos On-Demand: Watch what you want. When you want. 🙂 New users watch 20minutes for free at CherryRedMovies:

CherryRedMovies: spanking films On-Demand

Niki Flynn: An American Brat In London

Kind of a random post, but I’ve always been a fan of this older image, and wondered what the story behind it was.

Maybe it’s the cute socks and perfect bottoms-up, over-the-lap positioning? Her expressiveness?

And then there is something about a well-dressed older gentleman with a much younger spankee, which adds a healthy dose of ass-sizzling, steamy hot realism.

These classic video grabs from Spanked Schoolgirl, feature the lovely Niki Flynn as a spoiled, incorrigible niece, and her wonderfully old-fashioned Uncle. This tried-and-true scenario never gets old.

[On a literary note, Niki is the author of the acclaimed memoir Dances with Werewolves, about her experiences and journeys in the fetish scene. Congrats to Niki, who has been nominated for The Erotic Awards for her book.]

Anyway, these photos have always intrigued The Cherry Red Report, so we asked Niki Flynn for the lowdown, the behind-the-scenes info on this spanktastic imagery:

“This was a really fun shoot for me – my first Strictly English film. My friend Lee (she’s also my ballet teacher) was in the room watching the shoot, so I was doubly

nervous and trying desperately to keep my feet turned out in case she noticed.”

“The film’s called “An American Brat in London” and I was sent to England because my parents thought I needed his brand of discipline. <g> I was sleeping late, listening to the TV too loud, etc. Just being generally insufferable.”

“My ‘Uncle’ was a lovely guy and he had an answer for all my bratty backchat, which I loved.”

“To answer your question–What was I thinking during this moment? Hmmm… The word ‘Ouch’ springs to mind!”

These are actual screen grabs (as opposed to posed stills), so that “pain face” is real. And look how red my bottom is…”

“It was a pretty uncomfortable train ride back to London with my friend Lee after the shoot, but it really was delightful having a friend with me. I wonder if the other passengers overheard our conversation?”

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