Blazing Bratty Buns from Punished Brats

What up my spanky peeps?  Well, you see, the thing is, there is so much amazingly cherryredtastic spank action going on at the brat headquarters known as PunishedBrats, that I made a cherry-cheeked graphical mosiac from just a small sampling of some recent spank shoots. 

From the return of the dazzling Erica Corvina to Amber Pixie Wells topping with sizzling authority to deMandie’s pigtails, there is most definitely something for everyone at P-Brats.

punishedbrats spankingCan you name all the models in this graphic?!  ^_^

For more info and free video previews, surf on over to PunishedBrats!

spanking brats otk

Special Guest Blogger: Top 10 PunishedBrats Highlights of 2012

punishedbrats logoWe are pleased to present a special cherryredtastic guest column by David Pierson of PunishedBrats fame…..

My good friend Dave asked me to list some highlights from the Punishedbrats 2012 season.

1. Last January we moved to a new studio and our first shoot was special. The series that we shot that day was entitled ‘Five Days In Detention.’ It featured Joelle Barros, Beverly Bacci and Amber Pixie Wells. This was the first time that Pixie had been spanked on camera in nine months. Unfortunately, it was the only time in 2012.


joelle and pix punishedbrats


2. Despite the fact that Pixie has been unable to attend a PB production, her creative Continue reading “Special Guest Blogger: Top 10 PunishedBrats Highlights of 2012”

Talking Spanko with Veronica Bound: The Cherry Red Q&A

You may know Veronica as the piston-armed, bottom-burning spanker on Punished Brats, de-bratting recalcitrant, misbehaving lasses with her steel palm — and iron will.

In addition, Veronica is also a pro dominant [check out her site] and also teaches sex eduation workshops nationwide.

David Pierson from Punished Brats told CRR: “Veronica is one one of my favorite people in the world. She’s smart, witty and a wonderful friend to have. She is our number one female top for a reason.” Anyway, the editorial committee here at CRR headquarters thought we’d chat with Veronica regarding her views on spanking, erotica, and much more. [Check out the end of this blog post for free video samples and spanking pix of Veronica in action.]

Thank you Veronica for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. How are you doing these days?

I have a really wonderful life and lots of love in my life so I’m fantastic.

Most I would assume know you from your spanking shoots with Punished Brats, but I know from your site that you are a pro dom, and describe your style as “seduction into submission.” Can describe what that means, and how that fits into your goal of “harmonious connectivity”?

Tops and bottoms, dom and subs, sadists and masochists each need each other.  And each person is an individual — but when, for example, a top meets a bottom with very similar needs and style, they can connect in a very harmonious way.

I think seduction into submission is terribly obvious in any kind of relationship or desire of anything… it’s best to charm your way into getting it, rather than being brutish.

How does working as a pro Domme differ from spanking incorrigible brats on the set of PunishedBrats? I mean, is it a different mind-set completely ?

Yes it is and fully answer this question would require me to write a book.  There really isn’t a level of intimacy when working with other professionals like on the set.  You get your scripts and you do your job.  We have fun and we like each other, but it essentially lacks intimacy.

And when I speak of intimacy, I am referring to the exchange between two people with the largest sex organ: the brain.

I don’t have to key into the psyche of a another pro that I work on set and wonder about what really turns them on, and their human desire to experience this and share it with another.  We’re all there to work — fun work but work.

Also, I’m always going to get fun, attractive young women to work with at PunishedBrats.  As a professional [dominant], it’s not important whether there’s an element of physical attraction or not. (and most often not).

The mental kink connection is everything.  Plus there’s no script, direction, calling “cut,” time out, etc. — it’s all what flows through me while I’m in the moment making a connection with someone.  My work professionally is far more complicated.

And how long have worked as a pro Domme? And how did you get into that line of work?

By the way I don’t like the terms “pro-domme” or “dominatrix.”  I’m a professional kinky woman who helps people explore some creative sides of their desires. Nine years because I asked to.  And I was naturally inclined to the position.

Can you tell me more about the intriguing sex positive workshops you teach? and your favest topics to teach?

Continue reading “Talking Spanko with Veronica Bound: The Cherry Red Q&A”

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